ROSÉ Shines in BLACKPINK The Game: Collection of Photos and Videos


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 14, 2023 KST

Get ready to be mesmerized by our exclusive post featuring a dazzling collection of ROSÉ’s photos and videos from BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)! Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of everyone’s favorite K-pop star as she shines in various in-game scenarios. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore ROSÉ’s stunning appearances and unforgettable moments captured in this one-of-a-kind collection. So, prepare to be enchanted by ROSÉ’s charm and dive into this delightful visual journey right now!

1. What is BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)

BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG) is BLACKPINK’s first official mobile game developed by Take One Company, the game utilizes the intellectual property of YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK. In BPTG, players assume the role of BLACKPINK’s producer and help the members grow in a variety of ways. The game incorporates different elements from various genres, such as puzzle games using photo cards, managing an entertainment company through simulation, and customizing avatars. The game also includes exclusive photos and videos of BLACKPINK members, specifically shot for the game. BPTG is set to be released globally in the second quarter of the year.

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2. ROSÉ Photos Collection from BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)


3. ROSÉ Videos Collection from BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)


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