Personality: What ROSÉ’s Bag Essentials Reveal About Her


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 27, 2023 KST

1. Video: What is Inside ROSÉ Saint Laurent Bag?

VOGUE France’s official YouTube channel dropped an exclusive video starring our beloved queen, BLACKPINK ROSÉ. Titled “Inside BLACKPINK Singer ROSÉ’s YSL Bag,” this enticing video offers an unprecedented peek into the personal world of ROSÉ. Delve into the contents of her stylish YSL tote, revealing the essential items that accompany her on her globetrotting adventures. From health-boosting necessities to her preferred beauty products and eyewear collection, the video beautifully illustrates the layers of ROSÉ’s off-stage personality.

So, lets get ready to embark on this fascinating journey, as we uncover the secrets nestled within ROSÉ’s handbag. Hit the play button, sit back, and enjoy this intimate encounter with our favourite singer. Let’s celebrate ROSÉ, and discover together what inspires her, or what she values most!


2. The Essentials: List of Items Inside ROSÉ Saint Laurent Bag

Ever wondered what our favorite star, ROSÉ, carries around in her bag every day? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to dive into the details. As you can imagine, her bag is as unique and stylish as she is. It’s full of items that help her get through the day, no matter where she is in the world, reflecting her preparedness for any eventuality. From beauty essentials to leisurely reads, and from practical necessities to her unique quirks, the stuff in her bag gives us a fun and personal peek into her daily life.

So, let’s get into it and check out the items that make up ROSÉ’s essential bag contents.

  1. Everyday Pouch: ROSÉ carries an everyday pouch that can hold a variety of items. It is not only practical but also stylish.
  2. Powdered Blotting Paper: To combat oily skin before public appearances, ROSÉ uses powdered blotting paper from Gatsby Oil Clear Paper.
  3. Oral B Floss: Oral hygiene is a must for ROSÉ, and she carries Oral B floss with her at all times.
  4. Compact Mirror: A compact mirror with a regular and a magnifying side is another essential in ROSÉ’s pouch.
  5. Pimple Patches: Even though she doesn’t frequently have breakouts, ROSÉ keeps pimple patches at hand for emergencies. Plus, she seems to enjoy the cute casing! ROSÉ uses Starface Hydro-Stars Pimple Patches.
  6. Small Pouch for Hair Ties and Safety Pins: In another smaller pouch, ROSÉ carries hair ties and safety pins to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.
  7. Book (“Eight Rules of Love” by Jay Shetty): Reading is an escape for ROSÉ, and she currently carries Jay Shetty’s book “Eight Rules of Love”.
  8. Passport and Boarding Pass: Given her hectic travel schedule, ROSÉ’s passport is a must-have item in her bag.
  9. Glasses and Cases: ROSÉ carries three pairs of glasses, each serving a distinct purpose. She has a pair of regular glasses for times when she removes her contact lenses, especially during flights. She also has a pair of sunglasses that are neither too big nor too small from Saint Laurent SL M94, perfect for everyday use . For bright, sunny days, she opts for larger sunglasses that cover almost half of her face, providing ample protection from the sun’s glare.
  10. Wallet: A compact and cute wallet for carrying cash and cards.
  11. Pouch for Vitamins and Lozenges: A third pouch in ROSÉ’s bag is for vitamins and lozenges. Vitamin C supplements and honey-infused lozenges are her current favorites.
  12. Humidifying Masks: ROSÉ uses these masks to prevent her throat from getting dry due to constant traveling.
  13. Spicy Sauce Packets: ROSÉ’s a fan of spicy food, and she never forgets to carry these portable packets of hot sauce from her favorite ramen brand.
  14. Wired Earphones and its Case: Unlike many, ROSÉ prefers the traditional wired earphones over AirPods due to their simplicity and lack of need for charging.

ROSÉ’s bag reveals much about her pragmatic and individualistic nature. Her essentials range from beauty and hygiene products to spicy sauce packets, exhibiting her unique personality. Even her choice of books suggests a reflective and introspective side, adding more depth to her vibrant persona.

Each item in ROSÉ’s bag tells a different story, underlining the maxim that sometimes, the smallest things say the most about us.

Credit to @blackpinksstyle
Credit to @blackpinksstyle
Credit to @blackpinksstyle

3. Personality: What ROSÉ’s Bag Essentials Reveal About Her

A person’s bag can reveal a lot about their personality and lifestyle, and ROSÉ’s is no exception. Each item she carries adds another layer to our understanding of her, from practicality to personal tastes, every item she carries tells a little story about her. Let’s delve into what her handpicked essentials tell us about her personality.

Disclaimer: Remember, these observations are made based on the contents of ROSÉ’s bag and should be taken with a pinch of salt. They’re not a professional personality assessment, but rather a fun and interesting perspective based on what she carries around daily.

Based on the items in ROSÉ’s bag, we can infer several facets of her personality:

1). Pragmatic and Prepared

ROSÉ comes across as someone who is practical and always prepared. She carries a variety of items in her pouch, from skincare products to clothing adjustment tools like safety pins, indicating her readiness to tackle unexpected situations. Essentials such as powdered blotting paper, a compact mirror, and Oral B floss further underscore her pragmatic approach, always being ready for a quick refresh, on-the-go touch-ups, and maintaining impeccable oral hygiene at all times.

2). Maximalist at Heart

While ROSÉ has expressed a desire to embrace minimalism, her bag tells a different story. It’s filled with a variety of items to suit various needs, suggesting she’s more of a maximalist at heart. From skincare products to food condiments to intellectual reads, she values the comfort and preparedness that comes with having a wide array of items at her disposal. This speaks to her ability to express herself through her possessions and her knack for finding value in variety and abundance.

3). Health Conscious

ROSÉ’s commitment to maintaining her health is evident in her bag’s contents. From Oral B dental floss for oral hygiene to vitamins and throat lozenges, it’s clear that she values her wellbeing. Furthermore, her use of humidifying masks to prevent throat dryness due to frequent travel shows a proactive approach to health management.

4). Artist and Perfectionist

As an artist, ROSÉ understands the significance of maintaining her public image, evident from the essentials she carries like blotting paper, a compact mirror, and glasses. These tools assist her in keeping her appearance pristine, which is a crucial aspect of her public persona. ROSÉ exhibits her perfectionist nature by carrying a small pouch equipped with hair ties and safety pins to circumvent any potential wardrobe mishaps, demonstrating the meticulous attention she pays to her appearance.

5). Adventurous Food Lover

The fact that ROSÉ totes around packets of spicy sauce suggests she is a culinary adventurer and food enthusiast. This small, personal detail offers an intriguing glimpse into her personal preferences and lifestyle beyond her professional pursuits. Clearly, ROSÉ loves her food and isn’t afraid to spice it up! By carrying around spicy sauce packets from her favorite ramen brand, she unveils an exciting aspect of her culinary tastes.

6). Reflective and Intellectual

The presence of Jay Shetty’s book, ‘Eight Rules of Love,’ in ROSÉ’s bag signifies her intellectual and introspective disposition. It’s clear she cherishes thought-provoking literature and isn’t averse to diving into deeper contemplations on subjects like love and life. Having a book on hand, particularly one so deeply reflective as Shetty’s, highlights ROSÉ’s curiosity and inclination towards personal growth and understanding. It’s a testament to her desire to engage with the world around her not just physically, but also intellectually and emotionally.

7). Authentic and Individualistic

In a world where wireless earphones like AirPods are the norm, ROSÉ opts for traditional wired earphones. This choice echoes her authentic and individualistic personality. Instead of merely following the trend, she chooses what best aligns with her comfort and preference. She values simplicity and convenience, preferring not to be bothered with the need to constantly charge or risk misplacing wireless earbuds. This choice illustrates ROSÉ’s pragmatic side and her independence when it comes to making decisions that might not align with mainstream trends. This aspect of her personality shows that ROSÉ values practicality and personal comfort over the allure of popular trends, marking her as a truly authentic individual who’s not afraid to be herself.

In summary, each item in ROSÉ’s bag serves as a piece of a puzzle, providing us with a unique and intimate look into her personal world. From the practical items that exhibit her pragmatic nature and preparedness to the self-care essentials revealing her commitment to health, ROSÉ shows us that she values functionality and wellbeing in her day-to-day life.

Her love for spicy foods and the presence of her favorite hot sauce reveal an adventurous food lover, unafraid to add a kick to her meals, while the wired earphones echo her individualistic spirit, demonstrating that she’s not one to blindly follow trends, but rather chooses what suits her best.

The presence of an insightful book in her bag paints a picture of a reflective and intellectual individual who cherishes thought-provoking content and introspective pursuits. Overall, ROSÉ’s bag tells us a story about a multifaceted personality, showcasing a pragmatic, health-conscious, and authentic woman with an adventurous culinary side and a thoughtful mind.

Remember, this analysis is meant to provide a fun, casual insight into her personality and based solely on the items ROSÉ carries in her bag. This is not a professional personality assessment. It’s a light-hearted and casual way of getting to know her a bit better. But as fans, we love these glimpses into her daily life and appreciate the uniqueness and individuality she brings to everything she does.


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