Japanese Graphic Artist Verdy Captures Exclusive Moments with BLACKPINK at their Tokyo Dome Concert


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 10, 2023 KST

Japanese graphic artist Verdy, famed for his popular streetwear brands Girls Don’t Cry and Wasted Youth, recently posted backstage photos with our favorite BLACKPINK members from their BORN PINK concert at Tokyo Dome, Japan that took place on April 8-9, 2023. The photos showcased our girls rocking their BORN PINK stage outfits from the BLACKPINK BORN PINK Merch clothing line. It’s amazing to see BLACKPINK mingling with such an influential artist in the fashion and entertainment scene.

In the photos, our stunning ROSÉ is seen wearing a black mini skirt, a black BORN PINK unzipped hoodie, and a black sleeveless crop top underneath. She poses with a V-sign next to her beautiful face and gorgeous blonde hair. These candid moments with the BLACKPINK members not only warm our hearts but also emphasize Verdy’s significance in the industry.


For those who might not know, Verdy was born in 1987 in Osaka Prefecture and moved to Tokyo in 2012 to join the graphic design group VK DESIGN WORKS. Today, he is an essential artist in Tokyo’s street scene, with his projects “Girls Don’t Cry” and “Wasted Youth” gaining immense popularity worldwide. Since 2018, Verdy has also been producing paintings and sculptures.

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While there is no official collaboration between Verdy and BLACKPINK at this time, their shared backstage moments have definitely sparked excitement among us fans. With Verdy’s established influence in the fashion world and BLACKPINK’s massive following, a future collaboration could lead to groundbreaking fashion statements and unforgettable experiences for fans around the world.


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