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Hey there, lovely readers! We are absolutely thrilled that you’re thinking of getting in touch with us. We love hearing from you, and we promise to keep our ears (and eyes) open for anything you might want to share with us – whether you want to say hi, share a cool ROSÉ story, or just make us laugh, we’re here!

Here are a few ways you can get in touch:

  • Email: Want to send us a love letter, a hate mail, or a photo of your cat? Shoot us an email at We promise to read every message and respond as soon as we can (unless it’s spam or a phishing scam, in which case we’ll just delete it).
  • Social media: We’re all over the internet, just like ROSÉ. You can find us on Twitter @roseupdate_com and Instagram @roseupdate_com. So if you see something you think we should know about ROSÉ, be sure to give us a mention!
  • Carrier pigeons: We don’t have an address (yet), but we do have a flock of carrier pigeons that fly around the world delivering messages to us. If you want to send us a letter the old-fashioned way, just tie a note to a pigeon’s leg and let it fly. We can’t guarantee it’ll make it to us, but we’ll definitely appreciate the effort.
  • Smoke signals: If you’re really desperate to reach us and you happen to be a skilled smoke signaler, you can try sending us a message that way. We’re not sure how you’ll know if we got the message, but we’ll try to respond with some smoke signals of our own.

So there you have it, folks. We’re always here for you, whether you want to share your love for ROSÉ, your hate for our website, or your favorite recipe for kimchi fried rice. We can’t wait to hear from you!