BLACKPINK Tops Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings in May 2023


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 15, 2023 KST

BLACKPINK tops girl group brand reputation rankings for May 2023, a testament to their ongoing dominance and enduring influence in the K-pop industry.

CategoryGirl Group Brand Reputation Rankings May 2023

BLACKPINK tops girl group brand reputation rankings for May 2023. The rankings were determined through an analysis of big data collected from April 14 to May 14 by The Korean Business Research Institute.

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed over 58,335,055 pieces of brand big data for the study. The brand reputation index is a measure created through the analysis of big data, reflecting the impact of online consumer habits on brand consumption. The girl group brand reputation index measures the positive and negative evaluations of girl groups, the level of media interest, and the amount of communication and interest from consumers. It also includes an analysis of the channels used for brand reputation monitoring.

BLACKPINK (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa) took first place with a participation index of 274,584, a media index of 1,235,701, a communication index of 1,696,423, and a community index of 3,528,090. This resulted in a total brand reputation index of 6,734,798, marking a 17.13% decrease compared to their brand reputation index of 8,126,951 in April.


Director Koo Chang-hwan of The Korean Business Research Institute, elaborated on the results, “BLACKPINK has recorded first place in the results of the big data analysis for girl group brand reputation in May 2023. Looking at the girl group brand category, there has been an increase of 4.90% compared to the 55,611,462 pieces of big data from April. Detailed analysis showed a 20.38% increase in brand consumption, a 1.61% increase in brand issues, a 48.21% increase in brand communication, and a 10.42% decrease in brand spread.”

Despite a decrease in their brand reputation index compared to the previous month, BLACKPINK’s continued dominance in the rankings demonstrates their strong and enduring impact in the K-pop industry.

Here is the complete list of the top 30 rankings for the Girl Group Brand Reputation in May 2023:

  2. IVE
  3. NewJeans
  5. aespa
  6. TWICE
  7. (G)I-DLE
  8. Apink
  9. NMIXX
  10. Oh My Girl
  11. Girls’ Generation
  12. Red Velvet
  13. cignature
  14. H1-KEY
  16. WJSN
  17. fromis_9
  18. Girl’s Day
  19. Kep1er
  20. STAYC
  21. Dreamcatcher
  22. Billlie
  23. EXID
  24. ITZY
  25. LABOUM
  26. LOONA
  27. woo!ah!
  28. APRIL
  29. mimiirose
  30. DreamNote

Source: Soompi; Beyond Post Korea


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