BLACKPINK First Mobile Game “BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)” Set for Global Release


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 4, 2023 KST

The first mobile game featuring the popular girl group BLACKPINK is set to launch globally. Game development startup Take One Company announced on April 4 that they will release the official game “BLACKPINK The Game (BPTG)” utilizing the intellectual property (IP) of YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK.

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BPTG was first revealed in March through a billboard at BLACKPINK’s Malaysia world tour concert venue. At the time, the company did not disclose that it was a game title. Subsequently, videos featuring the members under the title BPTG were continuously uploaded on YouTube and Twitter, but the exact purpose of the filming remained unknown, sparking curiosity among fans. BPTG is a game where users become BLACKPINK’s producer and help the members grow. The game also incorporates elements from other genres, such as puzzle games using photo cards, managing an entertainment company through simulation, and customizing avatars.

Exclusive BLACKPINK photos and videos shot specifically for the game are also featured as part of the game’s unique characteristics. The company revealed that the previously released videos were excerpts from this content.

Take One Company, the developer behind the game, gained fame in 2019 with the release of “BTS World.” BPTG has undergone a development process spanning three years and is scheduled for release in the second quarter of this year.

Take One Company’s CEO, Jeong Min-chae, stated, “We are excited to showcase a differentiated game that combines our unique know-how in content gaming and the active participation of BLACKPINK members. We expect the game to receive great love from the global fandom and the content gaming market.”

YG Entertainment commented, “Fans will be able to see various aspects of BLACKPINK that they have never seen before in a new format. We hope that fans all over the world will enjoy the special joy of ‘BLACKPINK The Game.'”

In addition, an original game OST and music video featuring BLACKPINK will be released exclusively within the game.

Article Source: The Korea Economic Daily (Hankyung), E-daily on Daum


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