ROSÉ x VOGUE Australia Magazine Photoshoot June 2022 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – June 30, 2022 KST

ROSÉ stars on a special-edition digital cover for VOGUE Australia Magazine June 2022 issue.

1. ROSÉ Magazine Cover x VOGUE Australia June 2022 Issue

MagazineVOGUE Australia
June 2022 issue
Guest Edited byBaz Luhrmann
Photographed byHee June Kim
Styled byMinhee Park


2. ROSÉ Photoshoot for VOGUE Australia June 2022 Issue


3. ROSÉ Interview for VOGUE Australia June 2022 Issue

To read the full ROSÉ interview with VOGUE Australia for June 2022 Issue, please visit the official website here:

Here you can read the summary of key points and ROSÉ facts from her interview with VOGUE Australia June 2022 Issue:

  1. ROSÉ, a K-pop star from Australia, has become a global phenomenon due to her unique charm and talent.
  2. ROSÉ was born Roseanne Park in Auckland to South Korean parents. She moved to Melbourne at the age of seven.
  3. ROSÉ attended primary school in Kew and high school in Canterbury.
  4. ROSÉ initially thought she would have a “normal” career, like an art teacher, before discovering her passion for music.
  5. ROSÉ was a pianist and a member of various church choirs during her teenage years.
  6. At age 15, ROSÉ auditioned for the South Korean record label YG Entertainment, placing first and signing on as a trainee.
  7. ROSÉ debuted as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK in 2016 alongside members Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa.
  8. ROSÉ trained for four years, and her four years of intense training involved fighting for her dream and working tirelessly to perfect her craft.
  9. BLACKPINK has collaborated with global stars like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa.
  10. ROSÉ solo career has also been successful, with her single “On the Ground” breaking the record for the most-viewed Korean music video within 24 hours.
  11. ROSÉ considers herself an artisan, expressing herself through her art and music.
  12. ROSÉ embraces her unique background and identity, appreciating her difference and the duality of being both Korean and Australian.
  13. ROSÉ on her determination to succeed: “I ended up fighting for my life, training for my life. Because I couldn’t accept the fact that I’d just be cut and sent back. So I had no time to slack off. I remember I took every minute and every second to work on my craft so that I [could] make it.” ROSÉ had no choice but to persist. “I [had] left, and I didn’t want to fly back [to Australia] without having achieved anything.” 
  14. ROSÉ on embracing her uniqueness: “Sometimes, I [still] feel a bit out of place because most of the people here in Korea, even if they speak English, they usually have come from the States or elsewhere,” she muses. “To this day, I feel a bit unique and sometimes, a bit out of place. But I also am very grateful that I get to have that, you know: a bit of a difference.”

4. ROSÉ VOGUE Australia Baz Luhrmann Interview Video


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