ROSÉ x VOGUE Australia Magazine Photoshoot April 2021 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 3, 2021

BLACKPINK ROSÉ graced the new cover of VOGUE Australia Magazine for April 2021 issue.

1. ROSÉ Magazine Cover x VOGUE Australia April 2021 Issue

MagazineVOGUE Australia
April 2021 Issue
Photographed byPeter Ash Lee
Fashion directorChristine Centenera
Fashion editorHyunji Nam
Styled byMinhee Park
Hair bySeonyeong Lee
Make-up byMyungsun Lee
Talent directorRikki Keene
Set designerSeoyun Choi


2. ROSÉ Photoshoot for VOGUE Australia April 2021 Issue


3. ROSÉ Interview for VOGUE Australia April 2021 Issue

To read the full ROSÉ interview with VOGUE Australia for April 2021 Issue, please visit the official website here:

Here you can read the summary of the key points and facts about ROSÉ from her interview with VOGUE Australia April 2021 Issue:

  1. ROSÉ was born Roseanne Park in Auckland to South Korean parents. She moved to Melbourne when she was a child. Her Korean name is Park Chaeyoung.
  2. ROSÉ on her thought as a performer, “I thought of myself as a performer. I would sit at the piano for hours … [Music] was just something I liked to do in my spare time; it made me really happy and was the only thing that would relieve what little stress I had back then.” She laughs. “I wasn’t a born performer, but I was quite the comedian—I did like to entertain people.”
  3. ROSÉ on her audition for YG Entertainment: “I didn’t think I could participate in any type of audition. I was like: ‘Oh my god’—I thought I had no chance. It took a lot for my dad to say: ‘Rosie, you can do it. If you love it, go for it.’ We flew to Sydney, and I was like: ‘Why are we here? Why did we fly a plane all this way?’ I felt like I was going to go home with nothing.” As it turns out, YG thought the opposite and asked the teenager ROSÉ to move to South Korea within two months to start training as a K-pop idol.
  4. ROSÉ when she was about to move to South Korea for training: “I was very surprised. I decided to drop out of school, and all my teachers and friends were like: ‘What?! Why are you leaving!? Nobody knew what K-pop was, so nobody understood where I was going.” She sighs. “It was terrifying. I was quite a good student; I never thought I would drop out of school.”
  5. ROSÉ trained for four years before she debuted as part of BLACKPINK, even though ROSÉ also featured as a previously unnamed-artist on G-Dragon’s Without You in 2012 during the pre-debut era. 
  6. ROSÉ on admitting trainee days were hard, and she found comfort in Lisa, who was also far from home. “Just understanding what we were both going through was enough to be like: ‘I’m not in this alone,’” she says. “It’s a beautiful thing to have a friend you could relate to so much in such hard times.”
  7. ROSÉ talking about the international dynamic of YG Entertainment and the trainee program: “There were a lot of people in my company who were also from all over the world, so a lot of people understood and were there for me.”
  8. ROSÉ talked about her solo debut, “On The Ground,” as an extension of her as part of BLACKPINK. “I’ve put everything I’ve learned into this,” she says shyly. “I’m just trying to introduce more of myself and my voice.”
  9. ROSÉ talked about BLINK, “I admire them so much. They are so positive and kind-hearted.” 
  10. ROSÉ talked about her role as a spokesperson, as part of BLACKPINK, for the UN’s Climate Summit, COP26: “We have a lot of young fans who look up to us, so it is important to us to educate ourselves and everyone else about the problems of the world and encourage one another to help in any way we can.”
  11. ROSÉ talked about the growth and the impact of K-pop, “This is so important to me. Because when I was living in Australia, K-pop was just a thing I knew about because I was Korean,” she says. “Hearing how much people know and love K-pop right now, it’s crazy! I want to go back to high school and experience that myself, too! I think I would feel a lot more accepted knowing that everybody knows my culture so well. So it is very, very important to me.” ROSÉ adds: “I’m just very glad that people are accepting and loving K-pop. You know, it’s music at the end of the day, and music should not be divided in any shape or form.”
  12. ROSÉ talked about voicing her opinions. “This is something I’ve been thinking about in the past week or so,” she says, pointing to a recent moment of reflection she found when alone. “I would really like to work on having a voice for myself and putting my own opinions out there. One day, I’d like to feel like I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say to the whole world and be a more confident and outspoken person.” 

4. ROSÉ VOGUE Australia Quizzes Video


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