ROSÉ: Sulwhasoo is More Than Just a Beauty Product!


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 14, 2023 KST

Sulwhasoo’s official Instagram account released brand new photos and videos of the stunning BLACKPINK ROSÉ! As the global ambassador for the brand, ROSÉ looked absolutely radiant in the photos, showcasing her healthy, glowing skin.

But these photos aren’t just about beauty – they also capture a deeper connection between Sulwhasoo and ROSÉ. In the photos, ROSÉ revealed that she has always felt that Sulwhasoo is more than just a beauty product. She even mentioned the distinct and unforgettable scent of Sulwhasoo that has stuck with her over the years.

“I remember, Sulwhasoo always had this distinct scent to it, and I always felt like it was more than just a beauty product.” -ROSÉ


It’s no surprise that ROSÉ is a perfect fit for Sulwhasoo, with her natural beauty and positive attitude. We can’t help but feel inspired by her words, reminding us that sometimes beauty is more than skin deep.

So, let’s all take a page from ROSÉ’s book and embrace the deeper connections that we have with the products we use. And of course, keep an eye out for more amazing photos of ROSÉ and Sulwhasoo to come!


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