ROSÉ Sulwhasoo Rebloom Ad Campaign Spotted in Times Square, NYC


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 17, 2023 KST

Guess who’s painting the town? ROSÉ? That’s right! Our K-pop queen BLACKPINK ROSÉ has taken the heart of New York City by storm with her latest show-stopping appearance as the face of Sulwhasoo Rebloom skincare line. And let us tell you, it’s an absolute visual treat! The ad campaign has blessed us with not just one but more than two gigantic LED billboards lighting up Times Square, captivating the attention of thousands of passersby. We’re absolutely head over heels for our K-pop queen’s captivating presence!

The billboards offer a breathtaking visual experience that you just can’t ignore. Picture this: the billboard features a black and white close-up of ROSÉ’s flawless face and upper body, her hair dancing in the wind like a scene straight out of a classic Hollywood film. Her gentle and powerful gaze exudes confidence and elegance, perfectly embodying the spirit of Sulwhasoo Rebloom line – the ultimate skincare collection for rejuvenating your skin and achieving that natural, youthful glow.

Video by @babyrosepink2
Video by @babyrosepink2

Just as you’re catching your breath, the scene changes. Here, ROSÉ is dressed in a flowing white gown, her hair now a golden shade that complements her radiant, healthy skin. Her pose is reminiscent of a graceful dancer as the wind continues to play with her dress and hair, creating a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere.

The lively sounds of Times Square blend harmoniously with the campaign ad, adding a touch of excitement to the bustling cityscape. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without ROSÉ’s velvety voice, narrating the wonders of Sulwhasoo Rebloom and winning over fans and newcomers alike.

As ROSÉ’s devoted fans, we couldn’t be more thrilled to witness her soaring success and global recognition. This epic Times Square display is a testament to her growing influence in both the music and beauty industries. We’re eagerly anticipating what other thrilling projects our superstar has for us!

So, fellow fans and admirers, if you find yourselves in the Big Apple, seize the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the mesmerizing presence of ROSÉ’s larger-than-life billboards in Times Square. It’s a sight you won’t forget, and we couldn’t be prouder to share this unforgettable moment with our incredible worldwide fandom!

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