Fashion Diva ROSÉ Stuns in Saint Laurent Black Skater Dress at Pop-up Event


1. ROSÉ Attends Saint Laurent Pop-up Opening Event in Seoul

Get ready to be floored, everyone! BLACKPINK talented singer, ROSÉ, graced the Saint Laurent “2023 Summer Collection Pop-up Opening Event” at The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido, Seoul on the evening of May 22, 2023, and captivated the fashion world. Elegantly clad in a Black Skater Dress In Knit by Saint Laurent, priced at a neat $2,990, ROSÉ made heads turn and hearts flutter, leaving fans and media in awe as ROSÉ brought the glamour, radiating an undeniable aura of elegance and charm.

Dressed to perfection, ROSÉ stole the show in an enchanting Black Skater Dress In Knit by Saint Laurent, priced at $2,990. Crafted from responsibly sourced viscose, the dress was a beautiful blend of sustainability, comfort, and high style. It was designed to cinch at the waist before cascading into a flared, ruffled skirt, making it an absolute stunner. With sleeves that hugged her arms before elegantly flaring out at the wrists, it resembled an enchanting waterfall gracefully draping over her palms, adding a dash of drama. This dress was truly a masterpiece, flawlessly hugging ROSÉ’s figure with precision and creating a mesmerizing silhouette that accentuated her every move. The crowd couldn’t help but swoon as the dress showcased ROSÉ’s stunning silhouette.

But wait, there was more! ROSÉ’s fashion game was on point with every accessory meticulously chosen. Her Saharienne Earrings in Metal and Rhinestones, valued at $1,490, were nothing short of dazzling. With an oversized central rhinestone surrounded by smaller ones, they added a touch of glamour to her ensemble. The Nadja Sandals in Crepe Satin from Saint Laurent, priced at $1,150, graced her feet with elegance, while the Gaby Phone Holder in quilted leather, worth $1,290, added a chic and functional touch.


As ROSÉ made her entrance, the atmosphere was electrified. Her golden blonde hair, styled in soft waves, framed her face beautifully, while her radiant skin seemed to glow with an inner light. Fans couldn’t help but marvel at how she effortlessly embodied the essence of the Saint Laurent brand, with her golden tresses and healthy complexion mirroring the classic black and gold colors of the YSL logo.

As she stepped into the Saint Laurent store for the media photo call, she stole the limelight with her presence, just like a supermodel on the runway. Every step she took exuded confidence and grace, causing everyone’s hearts to skip a beat. It was as if love sparked instantly upon laying eyes on her. Her fitted dress accentuated her enviable curves, showcasing her statuesque beauty. It was as if she had walked straight out of a dream, capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

For fans, witnessing ROSÉ at the Saint Laurent event was an unforgettable experience. She effortlessly showcased her distinct style, her look that night was a celebration of a sophisticated, playful, and slightly daring fashion persona. The stylishly fitted dress, dramatic sleeves, and standout accessories suggested a woman who was comfortable in her own skin and unafraid to experiment with her fashion choices. Moreover, her choice of responsibly sourced viscose further demonstrated her commitment to sustainable fashion, inspiring fans to make conscious choices alongside her.

In essence, ROSÉ’s presence at the event was not just another occurrence; it was a fashion spectacle that flawlessly encapsulated her sartorial prowess. She effortlessly embodied the epitome of elegance and style, enchanting fans with every move she made. From her captivating dress to her radiant beauty, ROSÉ once again proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. As she entered the venue, she illuminated the space, turning heads and leaving a lasting impression. A living, breathing testament to Saint Laurent’s iconic style, ROSÉ exemplified the essence of elegance and class. Her striking appearance paid a grand homage to the golden and black aesthetics of the YSL logo. Here’s to ROSÉ, the true fashion diva who knows how to own the stage and leave an indelible mark!


2. ROSÉ Photo Collection, Saint Laurent Pop-up Opening Event in Seoul

3. ROSÉ Video Collection, Saint Laurent Pop-up Opening Event in Seoul


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