ROSÉ Shines in Sexy Putty Brown Silk Night Robe, Stuns Fans Ahead of Sulwhasoo x The Met Launch Event in NYC


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 29, 2023 KST

New York City is abuzz with excitement as the Sulwhasoo x The Met Launch Event, scheduled for March 29, 2023, approaches. K-pop sensation and style icon BLACKPINK ROSÉ, Academy Award®-winning actress Yuh-Jung Youn, and prominent Chinese actress Jia Song have been announced as global ambassadors for Sulwhasoo. Together, they will co-host a spectacular event at The Met to celebrate the launch of this partnership, which is expected to engage and inspire many people, including fans of the global superstar.

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The BLACKPINK singer ROSÉ arrived in New York on March 28 and wasted no time in giving her fans a sneak peek into her glamorous life in the Big Apple. In a series of Instagram stories shared on the night of March 28, ROSÉ captured her followers’ attention with a breathtaking selfie.


Draped in a light putty brown silk night robe, ROSÉ posed in front of a bathroom mirror with a display of luxurious Sulwhasoo products reflected in the foreground. The sensual robe hugged her figure perfectly, accentuating her natural beauty and complementing her glowing skin and long blonde hair styled in a half-up ponytail. The enchanting image exuded an air of sophistication and elegance reminiscent of a romantic movie’s wedding night scene, while the distant melody of a captivating symphony added an audibly sensual layer to the moment.

ROSÉ’s caption, “Time to get ready for 🛌,” hinted at her preparation for a restful night’s sleep before the upcoming Sulwhasoo x The Met event. The selfie, which likely indicates that she is about to remove her makeup and pamper her skin with Sulwhasoo’s luxurious products, has fans eagerly awaiting her appearance at the event, anticipating another unforgettable look from the style icon.

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In addition to the captivating photo, ROSÉ’s Instagram stories offered a glimpse into her lavish New York stay. The singer showcased a meticulously arranged hotel bed adorned with a vermillion gift box in the center, further adding to the atmosphere of luxury and indulgence. She also shared images of an exquisite set of Sulwhasoo makeup products, stirring excitement among fans and beauty enthusiasts alike.

As anticipation builds for ROSÉ’s stunning look at the Sulwhasoo x The Met launch event tonight, one thing is certain: her breathtaking appearance in the light putty brown silk night robe, reflected alongside the elegant Sulwhasoo products and accompanied by the enticing melody, has already set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable night of glamour and fashion.


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