ROSÉ Shares Her Answers and Emotions through Emojis in ELLE Korea Interview


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 26, 2023 KST

BLACKPINK ROSÉ recently delighted us with an engaging and endearing interview with ELLE Korea. This interview was conducted during ROSÉ photoshoot for ELLE Korea for June 2023 Issue in collaboration with Tiffany & Co, where ROSÉ sparkles as the global ambassador.

This wasn’t just your standard sit-down chat. In this unique interview, ROSÉ didn’t just answer questions. She was given a question, and then she’d put on her thinking cap, explain eloquently her answer, and then she would pick an emoji that best encapsulates her response. It’s not just about picking an emoji; it’s about diving into ROSÉ’s thoughts and then wrapping up the answer in a cute little emoji package. This inventive approach let us into ROSÉ’s personal world in a lighthearted, enjoyable way. It’s like we got a backstage pass into her mind, and what a fun ride it was!

During the interview, ROSÉ was asked to share her thoughts and responses using an assortment of emojis. Her answers traversed a range of topics, from her favorite pastimes to her unique music preferences. We were captivated by her candidness as she discussed her journey as a member of BLACKPINK, her recent hobbies, and even her favorite foods.

A standout moment for us was when ROSÉ creatively used emojis to describe her relationships with her fellow BLACKPINK members. She adorably characterized Jennie as ‘fuzzy and cute’, depicted Jisoo as ‘funny’ – noting that when Jisoo cracks a joke, she’s often the one laughing the most. As for Lisa, ROSÉ mentioned that she used to be ‘mischievous’, but now, she’s more like a cat.

Adding a touch of humor, ROSÉ assigned herself the ‘angel’ emoji within BLACKPINK, but quickly added she was ‘just kidding’, opting for a cuter emoji instead. We found it intriguing to see how she depicted the contrasting personalities of her on-stage persona, ROSÉ, and her off-stage self, Chaeng, through distinct emojis.

ROSÉ also revealed her personal interests, mentioning a recent purchase of a new camera, which she represented with a matching emoji. We couldn’t help but laugh when she humorously stated that all photos taken by this camera look professionally done.

We all know how much ROSÉ loves food, and “Eating Chaeng” didn’t disappoint, sharing her recent craving for spicy chicken stir-fried noodles. Using a ‘burning heart ❤️‍🔥’ emoji to depict her love for this dish, we couldn’t help but relate to her post-performance indulgence.


One of the most touching moments was when ROSÉ opened up about her Coachella experiences. Expressing her feelings of gratitude and joy, and revealing that she was moved to tears just before going on stage, made us appreciate her even more for the efforts and dedication she puts into her performances.

We were utterly charmed by ROSÉ’s delightful and engaging demeanor throughout the interview, and her candid revelations. The unique emoji-based interaction added a refreshing perspective, allowing us to connect even more with our beloved idol.

The interview concluded on a high note, with ROSÉ admitting her initial hesitation about this emoji-themed interview, but sharing that she eventually had great fun. This only increased our anticipation for her upcoming cover in the June issue of ELLE Korea.

This unique interaction with ROSÉ offered us a more intimate glimpse into the life and personality of our favorite star, offering a perfect blend of fun, facts, and heartfelt emotions. It’s safe to say our admiration for her only grew stronger after this heartwarming interview.

And trust us, watching ROSÉ tackle questions in any interview with eloquence, expressiveness, and intelligence – all while showcasing her beautiful voice and accent – is absolutely captivating and addicting ! You’re sure to fall in love with her all over again. So, don’t miss out on this heartwarming interview! The more you watch, the more you’ll admire her!


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