ROSÉ Reveals Her Sulwhasoo Essentials in a Chic Silk Sleepwear at House of Sulwhasoo


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 6, 2023 KST

In the second installment of her enchanting vlog series, the captivating ROSÉ of BLACKPINK continues her exploration of the House of Sulwhasoo, taking fans along on a luxurious journey through the brand’s flagship store in Seoul’s historic Bukchon neighborhood. The South Korean skincare brand, Sulwhasoo, is renowned for its harmonious blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, perfectly mirroring ROSÉ’s own radiant beauty and style.

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In this latest episode, ROSÉ shares her essential Sulwhasoo products that have accompanied her during BLACKPINK World Tour and on long-haul flights. As she reveals her skincare secrets, fans are treated to a glimpse of ROSÉ’s effortlessly chic fashion sense.


The K-pop singer ROSÉ is seen wearing an elegant solid black silk sleepwear set, complete with long sleeves and long pants. The sophisticated shirt features a classic collar, full sleeves, and chic white borders, presenting an attractive appeal. This luxurious silk ensemble effortlessly enhances ROSÉ’s glowing complexion and golden shade blonde hair, styled in a charming half-up ponytail.

As ROSÉ dives into her Sulwhasoo essentials, her adorable Aussie accent shines through. She praises the First Care Activating Serum for its light texture and quick absorption, perfect for combating the dry conditions on tour and during flights. Next, she introduces the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum and Cream, expressing her love for the balanced texture and ginseng-based formula – an ingredient closely tied to Korean culture.

With her skincare routine complete, ROSÉ playfully announces, “I’m now ready to sleep,” before sending fans off with a captivating smile. As she lays in bed, covered in a fluffy down blanket, she lifts her head slightly, peeks out from beneath her sleep mask, and playfully asks the videographer with a smile, “Can you go?” This exclusive glimpse into ROSÉ’s nighttime routine and Sulwhasoo favorites showcases the K-pop sensation’s flawless beauty and impeccable taste, making it a must-watch for fans and skincare enthusiasts alike.

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Just in case you missed it or want to revisit the experience, don’t forget to check out the first vlog episode where ROSÉ began her exploration of the House of Sulwhasoo, giving viewers a captivating tour of this remarkable location.


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