ROSÉ Shines in Maison de Yoon Daenggi Traditional Korean Ribbon at Sulwhasoo x The Met Event


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 31, 2023 KST

At the Sulwhasoo x The Met partnership launch event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Upper East Side of New York City on March 29, 2023, BLACKPINK ROSÉ wowed the audience with her exquisite outfit featuring Daenggi, a traditional Korean ribbon by Maison de Yoon. ROSÉ’s unique incorporation of the Daenggi into modern fashion captured the hearts of fans and fashion enthusiasts, creating a viral sensation that showcased the perfect fusion of traditional Korean elements and contemporary style.

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Maison de Yoon is a one-person brand specializing in handmade Hanbok accessories, with a mission to create and sell accessories that contribute to a happy life. The designer’s work can be found on the Naver Blog.

The designer recently shared photos of ROSÉ wearing her creation and praised how the Daenggi ribbon fit perfectly with ROSÉ’s ensemble, contributing to its viral success. The traditional Daenggi ribbon added a touch of elegance to ROSÉ’s black dress, which was further accentuated by butterfly accents and pearl ornaments. The fusion of traditional and modern elements in the outfit showcased both the versatility of the Daenggi ribbon and ROSÉ’s ability to effortlessly pull off any style.


At yesterday’s New York #Sulwhasoo event, the eye-catching #SulwhasooAmbassador #BLACKPINK #Rosé, matched a black dress with butterfly accents from the #SwallowtailOrnament and #PearlOrnament, giving the entire outfit a traditional touch that caught everyone’s attention:) It was the work of Maison de Yoon❤️ Rosé shined brilliantly even in far-off New York, and it suited her so perfectly that it made us proud! It’s going viral😍

⠀ *Refer to Naver Blog “Inventor of Possibilities” <Boundless Playground> (If it’s difficult to check Instagram, please refer to the blog!🥰)

⠀ *Classes are currently under maintenance

⠀ *Maison de Yoon showroom operates by appointment only. Please check available visiting hours and make a reservation (visits may be restricted due to classes or absence, parking available)

👉🏻Location: 1st floor, 27 Solsaem-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Jeongneung-dong)

⠀ *We would appreciate it if you avoid making reservations on weekends or public holidays unless otherwise informed

⠀ *Accessory prices vary depending on materials and design, but the average price range is 100,000-200,000 KRW per piece

⠀ *As of 2022, we will no longer rent out accessories, and we will not answer inquiries related to this matter

👉🏻Inquiries: 010-9646-4118 / KakaoTalk: invisibleimp / DM is also possible, but the response may be delayed

Maison de Yoon’s showroom in Seoul offers a wide range of accessories, with prices varying depending on materials and design. However, the average price range lies between 100,000 and 200,000 KRW per piece. Due to the brand’s growing popularity, they have decided to discontinue their rental service starting from 2022. For those interested in purchasing or inquiring about Maison de Yoon’s designs, they can be reached via phone, KakaoTalk, or Instagram DM.

The collaboration between ROSÉ and Maison de Yoon has certainly captured the hearts of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The stunning blend of traditional Korean elements and modern fashion, with ROSÉ at the center, has left an indelible mark on the international stage. As Maison de Yoon continues to create exquisite pieces and ROSÉ continues to enchant the world with her style, their partnership is sure to create more unforgettable moments in the future.

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