ROSÉ Looks Sexy in NANA JACQUELINE Black Sienna Jumpsuit: “Jakarta We Miss You Already”


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 18, 2023 KST

On March 18, 2023, The K-Pop fashion icon BLACKPINK ROSÉ delights fans in a stunning NANA JACQUELINE Black Sienna Jumpsuit while sharing dazzling backstage photos from the BLACKPINK Jakarta concert. 

Oh la la, our queen ROSÉ has left us speechless once again with her latest Instagram update! Straight from BLACKPINK BORN PINK World Tour in Jakarta, the talented singer shared a series of stunning backstage photos wearing NANA JACQUELINE Black Sienna Jumpsuit. Fans are buzzing over her impeccable style and mesmerizing stage presence. 

ROSÉ wrote: “🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Jakarta, we miss you already!


In these captivating photos, ROSÉ dons the Black Sienna Jumpsuit by NANA JACQUELINE, a Los Angeles-based luxury fashion brand cultivated on the idea of beauty, confidence, femininity, and individuality! This jaw-dropping jumpsuit perfectly complements her solo performance of chart-topping hits “On The Ground” and “Hard To Love” during the Jakarta concert. 💃🏼🔥

The Black Sienna Jumpsuit strikes a harmonious balance between sexy and classic vibes, featuring an open back and a tulle, pearl, and diamond-embellished waistline. The intricate details on the waist infuse the piece with a touch of delicacy, elevating its overall allure. 💎✨

To complete her show-stopping ensemble, ROSÉ paired the jumpsuit with black stockings, adding a layer of sophistication to her look. The photos shared by ROSÉ highlight her striking a sexy, attractive, and confident pose while sitting on the floor, with the camera angle from above perfectly capturing her magnetic charm. 😍📸

One standout aspect of ROSÉ’s appearance in the photos is her iconic golden shade blonde hair, which creates a captivating contrast against her all-black jumpsuit and stockings. Her radiant, healthy-looking skin glows, further emphasizing her natural beauty and enchanting allure.


As the BORN PINK World Tour continues to excite fans across the globe, we can’t help but gush over ROSÉ’s fabulous sense of style and the electrifying energy she brings to every performance. As the BLACKPINK BORN PINK World Tour continues, we’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating what other fashionable surprises she has in store for us! 🎤💕

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from ROSÉ’s awe-inspiring style moments and the latest news from BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK World Tour. Also, keep an eye out for more exclusive backstage content and insights into the group’s fabulous wardrobe choices.

Nana Jacqueline Official Instagram (@nanajacqueline_) reposted ROSÉ photos along with the dress she wore:


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