ROSÉ x Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Magazine Photoshoot May 2022 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 22, 2022 KST

BLACKPINK ROSÉ dazzles on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Magazine’s May 2022 issue, showcasing her captivating allure and refined sense of style. The mesmerizing photoshoot features the multi-talented songstress in an array of stunning and fashion-forward ensembles from the illustrious Saint Laurent collection, designed by the visionary Anthony Vaccarello.

In this exclusive editorial, ROSÉ effortlessly embodies the epitome of modern elegance and sophistication. Her natural charisma and grace shine through, as she models a curated selection of chic and edgy looks from the iconic fashion house. Each outfit, meticulously crafted by Vaccarello, seamlessly blends timeless silhouettes with contemporary design elements, creating a perfect harmony that complements ROSÉ’s magnetic presence.

As a testament to her undeniable star power and style prowess, ROSÉ’s radiant beauty is further accentuated by her flawless makeup and meticulously styled hair, which effortlessly complete each of her captivating looks. This highly anticipated Harper’s BAZAAR Korea cover is a stunning tribute to the inimitable charm and versatility of BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and serves as a dazzling showcase for Saint Laurent’s captivating creations

1. ROSÉ Magazine Cover x Harper’s BAZAAR Korea May 2022 Issue

MagazineHarper’s BAZAAR Korea May 2022 Issue
CreditsEditor: Lee Jin-seon
Writer: Sung Young-ju (Freelance Editor)
Photographer: Kim Hee-jun
Model: ROSÉ
Hair: Lee Sun-young
Makeup: Lee Myung-sun
Stylist: Park Min-hee
Nail Artist: Park Eun-kyung
Set Stylist: Darak
Assistant: Shin Ye-rim
Digital Design: GRAFIKSANG
SourceHarper’s BAZAAR Korea Official Website

2. ROSÉ Photoshoot for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea May 2022 Issue

3. ROSÉ VIDEOs for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea May 2022 Issue


4. ROSÉ Interview for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea May 2022 Issue

Interview Source: Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Official Website

English Translation by ROSÉUPDATE.COM

A: Age – The age you dreamed of the most

The age I’ve always dreamed of

Interestingly enough, it’s now, twenty-five. When I was young and loved music, I started playing the piano and learning the guitar, and singing at home alone. My dad told me to audition. I asked, “Will I really make it if I audition?” and my dad said, “If you keep thinking like that, you’ll be twenty-five and regret not trying what you wanted to do.” I think the adult image I dreamed of in my teens was somehow around twenty-five years old.

가장 꿈꾸던 나이

정말 재미있게도 지금이에요. 스물다섯. 어릴 적 음악이 좋아서 집에서 혼자 피아노 치고 기타 배우고 노래 부르기 시작할 때 아빠가 오디션을 보라고 했었어요. “오디션을 본다고 내가 과연 붙을까?”라고 했더니 아빠가 “너 그런 생각하다가 스물다섯 살 돼서 해보고 싶은 것도 못 해봤다고 후회한다.”라고 하셨거든요. 10대 때 꿈꾸던 어른의 모습이 뭔가 스물다섯 살쯤이었던 것 같아요.

B: Bag – The bag you carry often and the essential items inside

The bag you carry often and the essential items inside

I always carry a small Saint Laurent bag with me. Sometimes I put this small bag inside a larger one. It’s a bag, but I carry it around like a pouch (laughs). The contents include lip products, compact powder, wallet, lip balm, allergy medication, and artificial tears. It’s quite practical, isn’t it?

*Artificial tears are over-the-counter eye drops that are used to lubricate the eyes and provide relief from dryness, irritation, or discomfort. People use it to keep their eyes comfortable and moisturized throughout the day.

자주 메는 가방과 가방 속 필수품

항상 조그마한 생 로랑 가방을 들고 다녀요. 큰 가방 안에 이 작은 가방을 넣어 다니기도 하고요. 가방인데 파우치처럼 들고 다니는 거죠.(웃음) 내용물은 립 제품, 팩트, 지갑, 립밤, 알러지 약, 인공눈물. 되게 현실적이죠?

C: Comfort – When do you feel most comfortable?

When do you feel most comfortable?

I definitely feel comfortable when I’m with the members. Even more so these days. As time goes by, I feel like we’re really becoming a family.

편안함을 느낄 때

멤버들과 있을 때 확실히 편안함을 느끼는 것 같아요. 요새는 더더욱. 시간이 지날수록 정말 가족 같다는 생각이 들어요.

D: Dinner – Who would you like to have dinner with?

Who would you like to have dinner with?

That’s a tough question. I’d like to have dinner with Michael Jackson (laughs). He seems like he would have been such a great person. After having dinner together, wouldn’t you fall even more in love with him? I’ve heard stories about people who met Michael Jackson and how they all became even more fond of him.

함께 저녁을 먹고 싶은 사람

너무 어려운데요? 마이클 잭슨과 먹고 싶어요.(웃음) 너무 좋은 사람이었을 것 같아요. 같이 저녁을 먹고 나면 더 반하게 되지 않을까요? 마이클 잭슨을 만나봤다고 한 사람들은 다 너무너무 좋아졌다는 얘기를 한다고 들은 적이 있거든요.

E: Emoji – Which emojis do you use and like the most?

Which emojis do you use and like the most?

I use the red heart a lot, and there’s this expression, “Uh? What’s this?” It’s a confused expression that looks a bit pitiful and regrettable, but also very bewildered (laughs).

가장 많이 쓰는 이모지와 좋아하는 이모지

빨간 하트랑, ‘으잉? 이게 뭐지?’ 이런 표정이 있거든요. 당황하면서 뭔가 좀 불쌍하기도 하고 안타까운 표정이지만 되게 헷갈리기도 하는 혼란스러운 표정의 이모지요.(웃음)

F: Film – Your favorite movie of all time?

Your favorite movie of all time?

Recently, I watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” several times because it was so interesting. People around me had always told me to watch it, but I didn’t because I have a bit of a stubborn streak. However, I watched it when I had some free time, and it was so interesting that I ended up watching it three or four times. Each time I watch it, I find new and different aspects to appreciate.

인생 영화

최근에 보고 너무 재미있어서 여러 번 본 게 〈이터널 선샤인〉이에요. 줄곧 주위 사람들이 보라고 했었는데, 제가 청개구리 같은 기질이 있어서 안 봤거든요. 그러다가 심심할 때 봤는데 너무 재미있어서 한 세네 번은 본 것 같아요. 볼 때마다 새롭고 다른 부분들이 좋고 그래요.

G: Goosebumps – What gives you goosebumps?

What gives you goosebumps?

Lately, I haven’t had many opportunities to be on stage in front of fans, so when I think about it, that was probably the most thrilling and enjoyable time for me – meeting fans on stage.

전율할 만큼 좋은 것

요새 무대를 통해 팬들 앞에 설 일이 없어서 그런지 생각해보면 그게 제일 소름 돋게 좋았던 시간인 것 같아요. 무대에서 팬들을 만나는 일.

H: HBD – A memorable birthday?

A memorable birthday?

When I was eight years old, I moved from New Zealand to Australia. Before going there, I had heard that Australia had delicious and incredibly cheap mangoes, so you could buy and eat a whole box of them. So, I went to Australia thinking of it as the “Land of Mangoes.” On my first birthday there, my mom bought me a cake covered in mangoes, and it was such a shock. It was a cake covered entirely in expensive mangoes, with no cream visible, completely wrapped in mangoes. I was so happy. That’s why I still remember that day and that cake (laughs).

기억에 남는 생일

뉴질랜드에 살다 여덟 살 때 호주에 갔어요. 가기 전부터 호주는 망고가 맛있고 굉장히 싸서 한 박스씩 사서 먹을 수 있다고 들었어요. 그래서 저는 호주를 ‘망고의 나라’ 이렇게 생각하고 간 거죠. 거기서 보낸 첫 생일 때 엄마가 망고가 덮인 케이크를 사줬는데 그게 너무 충격적인 거예요. 그 비싼 망고가 온통 덮여 있는 케이크인데 크림도 안 보이고 아예 망고로 완벽하게 싸여 있는. 너무 행복했어요. 그래서 그때가 아직도 생각나요. 그 케이크는 정말!(웃음)

I: Icon – What is iconic to you?

What is iconic to you?

I think it’s someone’s style. When someone has their own unique style and can express it so well, they can become iconic. I believe everyone has their own iconic elements.

로제가 생각하는 아이코닉

누군가의 스타일이 아닐까요? 그냥 누군가가 딱 자기만의 스타일이 있고, 너무 멋있게 표현할 수 있을 때. 누구든 될 수 있는 것 같아요. 다 각자의 아이코닉한 요소가 있지 않을까 생각해요.

J: Joke – Are you someone who laughs easily at jokes?

Are you someone who laughs easily at jokes?

People around me often say, “Chaeyoung, don’t laugh, it’s not funny.” When someone tells a joke, I just find it amusing.

*ROSÉ laugh easily when someone tells a joke

농담에 잘 웃는 편인가

주위 사람들이 “채영아, 안 웃긴데 웃지 마.”라는 말을 정말 많이 해요. 누가 농담을 치면 그냥 재미있어요.

K: Kindness – The power of being kind

The power of being kind

Considering everyone has emotions like I do and I don’t know what kind of day someone has had, I always want to treat people kindly. Isn’t kindness one of the best actions we can take as humans?

친절함의 힘

내가 감정을 지닌 사람인 것처럼 모두가 감정을 갖고 있고, 누군가 어떤 하루를 보냈는지 모르니까 늘 친절하게 대하고 싶어요. 친절함이란 인간으로서 할 수 있는 되게 좋은 행동이지 않을까요?

L: Lyric – A line from your favorite lyrics

A line from your favorite lyrics

From Briston Maroney’s “Freakin’ Out on the Interstate,” I like the lines “Fear is just a part of love / And one thing I found / Is love is what you deserve.” I heard it somewhere and liked it so much that I immediately saved the song. I think these lyrics are just so beautiful. And I absolutely love the guitar solo that comes right after this part.

좋아하는 가사의 한 구절

브리스턴 마로니(Briston Maroney)의 ‘Freakin’ Out on the Interstate’ 중에서 “Fear is just a part of love/And one thing I found/Is love is what you deserve.” 어딘가에서 훅 듣고 좋아서 바로 저장한 곡이에요. 그냥 이 가사가 되게 예쁜 것 같아요. 그리고 이 파트 뒤에 곧바로 나오는 기타 솔로가 너무 너무너무 좋아요.

M: Mom – The existence of a mother

The existence of a mother

Sometimes I get annoyed by her nagging, but as time goes by, she’s like my best friend. My mom is a really strong and cool friend! (laughs)

어머니라는 존재

가끔 잔소리에 짜증을 내기도 하지만 시간이 지날수록 베스트 프렌드? 엄마는 정말 강하고 멋진 친구예요!(웃음)

N: Nature – When you feel close to nature

When you feel close to nature

I often look at the sky. I enjoy the moments when I’m spacing out, with no thoughts, just looking at the sky from inside a car.

자연을 가깝게 느낄 때

하늘을 자주 봐요. 차 안에서 하늘을 보면서 아무 생각 없이 멍하게 있는 시간이 좋아요.

O: Origin – The fundamental element that makes up Rosé

The fundamental element that makes up Rosé

I think it’s definitely music. I believe music is the means by which I can express my feelings most closely.

로제를 이루고 있는 근원적인 것

아무래도 음악인 것 같아요. 제 마음을 가장 가깝게 표현할 수 있는 수단이 음악이라고 생각하거든요.

P: Performance – When you’re on stage

When you’re on stage

Being on stage is really fun. There are times when I enjoy it and times when I don’t, but I feel like it’s where I belong. Even though traveling during a tour can be a bit tiring, it all disappears when I’m on stage. It feels like time stops.

무대 위에 오르면

무대 위는 정말 재미있어요. 즐길 때도 있고 못 즐길 때도 있지만 내가 있어야 할 곳이라는 생각이 들어요. 투어 다닐 때도 이동하는 건 조금 힘들기도 한데 무대에 서면 다 사라져요. 시간이 멈춰 있는 느낌이랄까.

Q: Question mark – Recent curiosity

Recent curiosity

I often wonder, “How are other people living their lives? What processes and thoughts are they going through?” Where are they in their lives and what are they thinking about? When I look at people of different ages, I wonder if I’ll have the same thoughts when I reach their age. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

최근의 호기심

‘어? 다른 사람들은 어떻게 살고 있을까? 어떤 과정과 어떤 생각을 하고 있을까?’ 자기 인생에 어디쯤에 와서 어떤 생각을 하고 있을까? 저와 다른 나이 대의 사람들을 볼 때면 ‘내가 저 나이쯤 되면 나도 저런 생각을 하고 있을까?’ 요새 이런 생각을 많이 해요.

R: ROSÉ – How Rosé defines Rosé

How Rosé defines Rosé

That’s a difficult question. Uh… well… I am just an ordinary person trying to live each day well, with a determination to give it my best shot. (laughs)

로제가 정의하는 로제

너무 어렵네요. 으아… 음… 저는 하루하루를 잘 살아보려고 하는 한 사람? 한번 잘 살아보겠다는 의지를 가진 평범한 1인입니다.(웃음)

S: Sunday – What you do on Sundays

What you do on Sundays

I don’t really live my life based on the days of the week. When I have a day off, I really enjoy doing absolutely nothing and just spacing out. When I feel like it, I’ll get up, order food if I’m hungry, or suddenly contact a friend to meet up if I want to see them. That’s the kind of vibe it is. (laughs)

일요일에 하는 일

요일에 따라 살지는 않아요. 쉴 때는 그냥 멍 때리고 아무것도 안 하는 걸 정말 좋아해요. 내킬 때 일어나서 몸 가는 대로 배가 고프면 음식을 시켜 먹고 친구 만나고 싶으면 갑자기 연락해서 만난다든지. 그런 느낌입니다.(웃음)

T: Travel – Favorite travel destination

Favorite travel destination

Hawaii has always been fun every time I visit. I haven’t actually traveled a lot, so I plan to gradually explore more places in the future. I do want to visit Greece though. It’s famous as a travel destination. The white buildings must be so beautiful.

좋아하는 여행지

하와이는 갈 때마다 항상 재미있었던 것 같아요. 사실 여행을 많이 안 다녀봐서 앞으로 차차 찾아나갈 생각이에요. 그리스를 가보고 싶기는 해요. 여행지로 유명하잖아요. 하얀 건물들이 너무 예쁠 것 같아요.

U: Uniqueness – Something unique lately

Something unique lately

I’m not sure if I should talk about this movie I saw recently, but it was so unique that I felt like I had to mention it. (laughs) I ended up watching a movie called “The Bad Batch” without knowing anything about it or even its plot. The cinematography and art direction were incredibly creative, unique, and beautiful.

요즘 가장 독창적인 것

얼마 전에 본 영화가 너무 유니크해서 말을 해야 될지를 모르겠는데.(웃음) 어쩌다가 줄거리도 모르고 정보도 하나 없이 〈버려진 자들의 땅(The Bad Batch)〉라는 영화를 봤거든요. 시네마토그래피와 미장센이 정말 창조적이고 독특하고 예뻤어요.

V: Voice – Rosé’s voice

Rosé’s voice

I believe that people’s personalities and characteristics are reflected in their voices. I think my voice is a grateful thing that represents me well, even though I’m not particularly special. (laughs)

로제의 목소리

사람들의 성격이나 개성이 목소리에 드러난다고 생각해요. 제 목소리는 특별하지 않은 저를 잘 표현해주는 고마운 것? 이라고 생각해요.(웃음)

W: Wave – Moments when you feel emotional fluctuations

Moments when you feel emotional fluctuations

I used to love the night and be very emotional during that time. But these days, I really enjoy the warm daylight. I have more thoughts during the day when the sun is pouring down. Something has changed. These days, I just feel sleepy at night. (laughs)

감정의 요동이 느껴지는 순간

원래는 밤을 좋아했어요. 밤에 되게 감성적이었는데 요새는 낮이 그렇게 좋아요. 따뜻한 낮. 해가 쏟아지는 낮에 더 많은 생각이 들어요. 뭔가 바뀌었어요. 요즘엔 밤이 되면 졸려요.(웃음)

X: XOXO – A loving message to those reading the interview

A loving message to those reading the interview

I love you all~! (laughs)

인터뷰를 읽는 사람들에게 남기는 사랑의 메시지

여러분 사랑합니다~! (웃음)

Y: Yves Saint Laurent – What does Yves Saint Laurent mean to you?

What does Yves Saint Laurent mean to you?

I’ve worked with Yves Saint Laurent on many occasions, and it always feels fresh and enjoyable!

이브 생 로랑이란?

생 로랑과 많은 일을 했는데 매번 새롭고 매번 즐거운 것 같아요!

Z: Zzz – What you do before going to sleep

What you do before going to sleep

I always watch something. I tend to think a lot, so if I don’t have something playing, I start thinking. And then I can’t sleep, so I put something on. If I listen to music, I end up focusing on the music. (laughs) I watch light-hearted Netflix series or movies and then fall asleep.

자기 전에 하는 일

항상 뭘 봐요. 생각이 많은 편이라 뭘 안 틀어놓으면 생각을 하게 되더라고요. 그러면 잠을 못 자니까 무언가를 틀어놔요. 음악을 들으면 또 음악에 집중을 해서.(웃음) 진지하지 않고 가벼운 넷플릭스 시리즈나 영화를 보면서 잠들어요.


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