ROSÉ x GQ Korea Magazine Photoshoot May 2023 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 24, 2023

The alluring charm of BLACKPINK talented singer ROSÉ is on full display in GQ Korea Magazine May 2023 issue, as the accomplished artist takes center stage in a stunning 14-page spread, featuring not one, but three cover versions, each more mesmerizing than the last. Clad in the latest creations from Saint Laurent’s unparalleled collection, ROSÉ effortlessly embodies an array of captivating styles, from introspective elegance to sultry confidence.

MagazineGQ Korea May 2023 Issue
STYLIST Park Min Hee
HAIR Lee Seon Yeong
MAKE-UP Lee Myung Sun at Woosun
NAIL ARTIST Park Eun Kyung
ASSISTANT Hwang Su Hyeon
SourceGQ Korea Magazine Official Website

1. ROSÉ Magazine Cover x GQ Korea May 2023 Issue

On the first cover, ROSÉ strikes a contemplative pose in the sophisticated “cross-legged thinker” stance, exuding poise and grace. Adorned in a luxurious satin lavallière-neck blouse from Saint Laurent, featuring a playful polka dot print, wide sleeves, and shoulder pads, she pairs the statement piece with matching high-waisted satin pants also from Saint Laurent, boasting large hems and slash pockets. Completing the look, ROSÉ dons a pair of sleek black stiletto heels, asserting her presence with undeniable finesse.

The second cover showcases ROSÉ’s daring side in Saint Laurent’s exquisite “Cut-Out Bustier Dress in Crepe Jersey.” This long cut-out gown, with its sultry midsection cut-out and elegant bustier top, perfectly complements ROSÉ’s bold yet refined aesthetic. Ruching at the waist adds a touch of sophistication, while the comfortable and flattering crepe jersey material ensures a flawless fit. To elevate the ensemble further, ROSÉ drapes a chic oversized white coat over one shoulder in a stylish “single-shoulder draping” technique, effortlessly blending glamour with nonchalance.

The third and final cover presents a powerful “chic boss lady portrait” of ROSÉ, capturing her confidence and poise in a close-up shot. Her low ponytail, gracefully wrapped silky scarf, and iconic Saint Laurent trench coat come together to create an ensemble that is both commanding and refined. The image is a testament to ROSÉ’s ability to embody the essence of a successful businesswoman and singer-songwriter while maintaining her distinct sense of style and creative fashion sense.

Experience the full range of ROSÉ’s alluring charm and fashion prowess in GQ Korea’s May 2023 issue, and be prepared to be utterly captivated by the many facets of this enchanting artist from BLACKPINK.

2. ROSÉ Video for GQ Korea May 2023 Issue


3. ROSÉ Photoshoot for GQ Korea May 2023 Issue


4. ROSÉ Instagram Update for GQ Korea May 2023 Issue

5. ROSÉ Interview for GQ Korea May 2023 Issue

Interview Source: GQ Korea Magazine Official Website

English Translation by ROSÉUPDATE.COM

1). ROSÉ: Kaohsiung Experience and the Unique Energy of the City

GQ: How was Kaohsiung?
ROSÉ: It was really amazing. I’ve been to Taiwan a few times, but it was my first time in Kaohsiung. There’s this unique energy in Kaohsiung that’s hard to put into words, you know? I felt immersed in that abundant energy

GQ: Are you talking about the energy of the BLINKs?
ROSÉ: Both. The city of Kaohsiung was great, and meeting the Kaohsiung BLINKs was also really nice.

GQ 가오슝 Kaohsiung은 어땠어요?
RS 너무 좋았죠. 대만을 몇 번 갔는데 가오슝은 처음이었어요. 말로는 설명하기 어려운 가오슝만의 에너지가 있거든요? 아주 듬뿍 받고 왔어요.

GQ 블링크의 에너지를 말하는 거죠?
RS 둘 다요. 가오슝이라는 도시도 좋았고, 가오슝 블링크도 너무 반가웠고요.

GQ: Do you have any scenes that still linger in your mind?
ROSÉ: The scenes of support and love that were sent to us.

GQ: So it’s more about emotions than specific scenes?
ROSÉ: Yes, they came to the airport to see us, waited for us after work to greet us, and our car windows wouldn’t go down, you know? It’s because of security reasons. They probably couldn’t see us from outside, but they stayed until the end and waved their hands. It was really touching.

GQ 지금도 아른하게 그려지는 장면이 있어요?
RS 저희한테 보내주신 응원, 사랑 같은 장면들요.

GQ 장면보단 감정이네요?
RS 네, 공항까지 찾아와 주고, 퇴근길도 기다렸다가 인사해주고, 저희가 탄 차의 창문이 내려가지 않거든요? 보안 때문에요. 아마 밖에서 우리 모습은 보이지 않았을 텐데, 끝까지 남아서 손도 흔들어주시고요. 너무 애틋했어요.

GQ: After successfully finishing the ‘Born Pink’ Kaohsiung performance, you’re now standing in front of GQ’s camera wearing Saint Laurent. Aren’t you tired?
ROSÉ: No, I’m enjoying it. It’s because I love what I do.

GQ: Where does that energy come from?
ROSÉ: That’s a tough question. I’m curious about that myself (laughs).

GQ: So from your previous answer, it’s because it’s fun and you love what you do?
ROSÉ: That’s right. I gain energy through performances like when I was in Kaohsiung, and also from meeting BLINKs. Although traveling can sometimes be tiring, when the car door opens and I see the BLINKs, my fatigue just melts away as if it never existed.

GQ 그렇게 ‘본 핑크 Born Pink’ 가오슝 공연을 잘 마치고, 지금은 또 생 로랑을 입고서 <지큐> 카메라 앞에 서 있어요. 피곤하진 않아요?
RS 아뇨, 즐거워요. 사랑하는 일이니까.

GQ 그런 에너지는 어디서 솟는 걸까요?
RS 어려운 질문이네요. 그건 저도 궁금해요.(웃음)

GQ 조금 전 대답에서 힌트를 얻자면 즐겁고, 사랑하는 일이라서?
RS 맞아요. 가오슝에 있을 때처럼 공연을 통해서 에너지를 얻기도 하고, 블링크들 만나서 힘을 얻기도 하고요. 아무래도 이동할 때는 종종 피곤하기도 한데, 차 문이 삭~ 열리면서 블링크가 보이면 또 언제 그랬지 싶게 피로가 풀리고요.

GQ: It’s like magic.
ROSÉ: That’s how BLINKs are. They’re like magic. A gift, and I like both terms. A magical gift.

GQ 마법이네요.
RS 블링크가 그래요. 마법 같아요. 선물이고, 둘 다도 좋네요. 마법 같은 선물.

5). ROSÉ Today’s Photoshoot Experience: Immersing Herself in Saint Laurent Fashion

GQ: How was today’s photoshoot?
ROSÉ: I was totally immersed in it. Wearing Saint Laurent, which I love so much, and expressing something is an emotion beyond just enjoyment. Those subtle joys? I think I enjoyed the photoshoot within that.

GQ 오늘 촬영은 어땠어요?
RS 푹 빠져서 했어요. 제가 너무 사랑하는 생 로랑을 입고 뭔가를 표현한다는 건 어떤 즐거움 이상의 감정이거든요. 그런 묘한 기쁨들? 그 안에서 즐겁게 촬영한 것 같아요.


6). ROSÉ: Gaining Confidence and Boldness Through Saint Laurent’s Influence

GQ: What does Saint Laurent mean to Rosé?
ROSÉ: Well, it certainly exists as a presence within me… Just a moment, please.

GQ: Alright.
ROSÉ (after thinking for a while): It’s like an existence that brings out my inner confidence more clearly. It makes me bolder.

GQ: Confidence?
ROSÉ: Yes, confidence. Sometimes you have doubts about yourself, right? Whether it’s emotions, thoughts, or anything else. Saint Laurent has always given me that confidence. The confidence that what I’m thinking and expressing now is right. So Saint Laurent, although it’s a brand, feels alive to me.

GQ 로제에게 생 로랑은 어떤 의미예요?
RS 음, 제 안에 확실히 존재로서 존재해 있는데… 잠시만요.

GQ 네.
RS (한참을 생각한 후에) 제 내면에 있는 자신감을 더 확실하게 꺼내주는 존재 같아요. 저를 더 볼드하게 만들어주거든요.

GQ 확신?
RS 네, 확신. 가끔씩은 스스로에 대한 의문이 들 때도 있잖아요? 그게 감정이든, 생각이든, 뭐든요. 생 로랑은 그때마다 확신을 줬던 것 같아요. 지금 내가 생각하는 것들, 표현하는 것들이 맞다는 확신요. 그래서 생 로랑은 브랜드지만 살아 있다는 느낌이 들어요.

7). ROSÉ Talks about Paris and love for traveling and experiencing new places

GQ: How about Paris?
ROSÉ: I really love the city. It’s always new when I go there. But now that I think about it, it seems like every city is like that. The second visit feels newer than the first, and the third time, you’re even more curious.

GQ: Every city welcomes Rosé with open arms.
ROSÉ: Yes, the feeling of being welcomed is right. I love the moment when everyone greets me warmly. It naturally makes me happy.

GQ 파리는 어때요?
RS 너무 사랑하는 도시예요. 갈 때마다 새롭거든요. 그런데 지금 생각해보면 모든 도시가 그런 것 같아요. 처음보다 두 번째 갔을 때가 더 새롭고, 세 번째는 더 궁금하고.

GQ 모든 도시가 두 팔 벌려 로제를 환영하기도 하고요.
RS 환영받고 있다는 느낌, 맞아요. 모두가 반갑게 인사해주는 그 순간이 좋아요. 절로 행복해지죠.

8). ROSÉ Talks about Feeling and The significance of solo album -R-

GQ: Recently, you shared a message on SNS commemorating the 2nd anniversary of your solo album -R-
ROSÉ: It’s a special album, so I wanted to celebrate it. I also really wanted to express my gratitude.

GQ: How does Rosé remember -R-? Has anything changed from the beginning until now?
ROSÉ: Since it was my first single album, the meaning of the album, the energy I put into it, and the love I received all remain as special and precious memories. This probably won’t fade even as time goes by.

GQ: As time goes by, has your affection for the album deepened?
ROSÉ: Yes, actually, I was worried about the album at first. I honestly had doubts about whether -R- was really the perfect album to express me.

GQ: Why is that?
ROSÉ: It was during the pandemic. So I couldn’t directly experience the fans’ reactions. Of course, there were reactions online, but I think I was more concerned because I really wanted to meet BLINKs in person on stage.

GQ: Now you must be able to feel BLINKs’ reactions clearly.
ROSÉ: That’s right. I’m showing them my performances while on a world tour. I’m experiencing the vivid sensations and reactions that I missed when I first released the album, every time now. My affection for the solo album can’t help but grow more and more.

GQ: So, have the initial concerns and doubts we discussed earlier been somewhat resolved?
ROSÉ: Now I know for sure. I’m truly satisfied with my solo album. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure before. I had this small thought lingering in my mind, like ‘was it really my best effort?’ But now, those thoughts have completely disappeared.

GQ: I think your thirst was probably for the stage, and BLINKs.
ROSÉ: That’s right. The stage and BLINKs were everything to me.

GQ: What do you think -R- ultimately left for Rosé?
ROSÉ: Although it was a mini-album, I think it was a project to discover my character and preferences. While making the album, I found out more clearly who I am and what I pursue. So, -R- is more than just an album for me.

GQ 최근 SNS에 솔로 앨범 <-R->의 2주년을 기념하는 인사를 전했어요.
RS 특별한 앨범이니까. 기념하고 싶었어요. 고맙다는 인사도 꼭 전하고 싶었고요.

GQ 로제는 -R- 을 어떻게 기억하고 있어요? 처음과 지금 달라진 게 있나요?
RS 첫 싱글 앨범이었으니까. 앨범이 갖는 의미, 제가 쏟은 에너지, 받은 사랑 모두가 특별하고 소중한 기억으로 남아 있어요. 이건 아마 시간이 많이 지나도 흐릿해질 수 없을 거예요.

GQ 시간이 지날수록 앨범을 향한 애정도 더 깊어졌죠?
RS 네, 사실 처음에는 앨범에 대해서 걱정도 많았어요. -R- 이 정말 나를 완벽하게 표현하는 앨범일까, 하는 의문도 솔직히 있었고요.

GQ 왜요?
RS 팬데믹이었어요. 그래서 팬들의 반응을 직접 체감하지 못했죠. 온라인으로 전해지는 반응들이 물론 있지만요. 아마도 무대에서 직접 블링크를 만나고 싶은 마음이 커서 더 그랬던 것 같아요.

GQ 지금은 블링크의 반응을 확실하게 느낄 수 있겠네요.
RS 맞아요. 월드 투어 다니면서 제 무대를 보여드리고 있거든요. 막 앨범을 발표했을 때 놓쳤던 생생한 체감들, 기대했던 반응들을 그때마다 다시 느끼고 있어요. 마음껏요. 솔로 앨범에 대한 애정이 점점 더 커질 수밖에요.

GQ 그럼 좀 전에 이야기했던, 처음에 들던 걱정이나 의문들도 좀 해소가 됐나요?
RS 이제 알게 됐어요. 확실하게요. ‘내가 정말 만족하는구나.’ 사실 이전까지는 확실하진 않았어요. ‘과연 나의 최선이었을까’ 싶은 생각들이 아주 작게나마 마음 한쪽에 남아 있었거든요. 그런데 지금은 그런 생각들이 말끔히 사라졌어요.

GQ 어쩌면 갈증은 무대였고, 블링크가 아니었을까 싶네요.
RS 정확해요. 무대랑 블링크가 전부였죠.

GQ -R-이 로제에게 남긴 건 결국 뭐였다고 생각해요?
RS 미니 앨범이긴 하지만 제 캐릭터, 취향을 찾아가는 프로젝트였던 것 같아요. 제가 어떤 사람인지, 추구하는 건 뭔지 앨범을 만들면서 좀 더 확실히 알게 됐거든요. 그래서 -R- 은 저에게 앨범 이상의 작품이기도 해요.

9). ROSÉ growth as an artist and finding her own identity

GQ: Is there a difference between Rosé in BLACKPINK and Rosé as a solo artist?
ROSÉ: Um, I didn’t know before, but now I think I know for sure. Maybe it’s because I’m learning?

GQ: You mean the difference?
ROSÉ: Yes, there’s definitely an image and a polished look that I have to show as BLACKPINK – stronger and more energetic. But when I’m solo, it’s a bit different. There’s a bit of calmness mixed in, and overall, there are more soft images. In the past, I thought, “Rosé is Rosé,” but now it’s not. I’m learning to absorb and express various images little by little. It’s fun.

GQ: Is there an identity that you think should be clear between the two?
ROSÉ: My taste. Whether I’m in BLACKPINK or solo, I hope my taste doesn’t change. I hope my taste and style are always clear.

GQ ‘블랙핑크’일 때의 로제와 솔로일 때의 로제는 다른가요?
RS 음, 그전에는 사실 저도 몰랐거든요? 그런데 이제는 확실히 알 것 같아요. 배워가고 있어서 그런 걸까요?

GQ 다르다는 걸요?
RS 네, 블랙핑크로서 보여줘야 하는 이미지, 완성된 모습은 분명 있어요. 더 강하고, 에너지 넘치는 그런 모습들. 그런데 솔로일 땐 좀 달라요. 약간의 심심함도 섞여 있고, 전체적으로는 소프트한 이미지도 많고요. 예전에는 ‘로제는 로제지’ 했는데, 지금은 아니에요. 다양한 이미지를 흡수하고 표현해야 한다는 거, 그걸 조금씩 배우고 있어요. 재밌어요.

GQ 그럼에도 그 둘 사이에서 분명해야 하는 정체성이라면요?
RS 취향요. 블랙핑크일 때나, 솔로일 때나 제 취향은 변하지 않았으면 좋겠어요. 제 취향, 제 스타일은 언제나 분명했음 좋겠어요.


10). ROSÉ Talks about Coachella

GQ: Soon you’ll be on stage as the headliner at Coachella, congratulations.
ROSÉ: Thank you. It’s like a dream come true. When I first heard the news, I was speechless. I was so surprised. It was a movie-like moment for us.

GQ: Even though you’ve already experienced and achieved movie-like moments?
ROSÉ: Oh, no (laughs). I think it was because it’s been a long-held dream. I couldn’t even imagine being a headliner. Just participating in Coachella and being on stage was already great.

GQ 곧 코첼라의 헤드라이너로 무대에 서죠? 축하해요.
RS Thank you. 정말 꿈같은 일이에요. 처음 그 소식을 들었을 때 어떤 말도 할 수 없었어요. 너무 놀랐죠. 영화 같은 순간이었어요 저희한테는.

GQ 이미 영화 같은 순간을 여럿 경험하고 이뤄냈는데도요?
RS 아유, 아녜요.(웃음) 오랜 꿈이어서 더 그랬던 것 같아요. 감히 헤드라이너로 선다는 건 상상도 못 했거든요. 코첼라에 참여하고, 무대에 선다는 것만으로도 좋았죠.

11). ROSÉ Talks about dreams, journey towards self-acceptance, and finding inner peace.

GQ: You’ve fulfilled another dream.
ROSÉ: I still can’t quite believe it. Is this really happening? I think I’ll be sure once I step on stage. At that moment, I’ll probably feel like, “My dream has come true.”

GQ: If I ask about the dreams you still have, what would you say?
ROSÉ: I’m not sure if this is the right answer, but I’ve been working hard towards my dreams, and there’s still something I’m seeking: relaxation. So, these days, I’ve been gradually learning how to find and embrace it.

GQ: Have you found some answers?
ROSÉ: Yes, being kinder to myself.

GQ: Are you a bit strict with yourself?
ROSÉ: Yes, I tend to push myself to the limit. I don’t like leaving things uncertain. I keep trying until I’m satisfied. I’ve always felt satisfied when I’ve given it my all.

GQ: Was there a turning point when your thoughts changed?
ROSÉ: In the past, I wanted to be more tense. I was sure that if I didn’t tense up, I would miss a lot. But looking back, it seems like there’s a lot to gain when I’m relaxed. From that state, new things like inspiration are born. Ideas are also born. I found these changes fascinating.

GQ: You’re finding the answers well.
ROSÉ: Even if it’s not the perfect answer, there’s definitely something to gain from the process of finding the answers. And it doesn’t seem like anything can go wrong. If I know myself.

GQ: Trust in yourself.
ROSÉ: Yes, I get scared too. But every time I trusted myself, the results always seemed to be good. It’s ‘me’, not anyone else. As I do that, I realize I’m capable of doing more than I thought. If someone is hesitating at the beginning of something, I want to pass on this message.

GQ: Like Rosé?
ROSÉ: Much more than me. Trust yourself. Then nothing will go wrong.

GQ 또 하나의 꿈을 이뤘네요.
RS 아직도 잘 모르겠어요. 이게 정말 진짠가? 무대에 서봐야 확실히 알 수 있을 것 같아요. 아마도 ‘꿈이 현실이 됐구나’ 싶은 마음이겠죠?

GQ 아직 남아 있는 꿈에 대해 물으면 어떤 얘기를 해줄 수 있어요?
RS 음, 이게 맞는 대답일지는 모르겠어요. 제 꿈을 향해서 열심히 달려는 왔는데, 아직 찾아가고 있는 게 있거든요. 여유요. 그래서 요즘 조금씩 찾아가고 있어요. 여유를 갖는 법을 배우고 있어요.

GQ 해답을 좀 찾았어요?
RS 네, 저한테 좀 더 친절해지기.

GQ 스스로에게 좀 엄격한 편이에요?
RS 네, 좀 끝까지 하는 스타일이에요. 애매하게 두는 걸 별로 좋아하지 않아요. 만족할 때까지 해보는 거. 끝까지 가봤을 때 늘 만족했던 것 같아요.

GQ 생각이 바뀐 계기가 있어요?
RS 예전에는 더 긴장하길 바랐어요, 제가. 더 긴장하지 않으면 놓치는 게 많다고 확신했거든요. 그런데 돌아보면, 여유를 가졌을 때 얻는 것도 많은 것 같은 거죠. 거기에서 새로운 것들, 이를테면 영감 같은 거. 아이디어도 탄생하는 것 같고요. 신기했어요. 이런 변화들.

GQ 답을 잘 찾아가고 있네요.
RS 그게 꼭 정답이 아니더라도 답을 찾아가는 과정에서 얻는 게 분명 있더라고요. 그런데 잘못될 일도 없는 것 같아요. 내가 나를 알고 있다면.

GQ 스스로에 대한 믿음.
RS 네, 저도 겁이 날 때가 있죠. 그런데 그때마다 나를 믿었을 때 늘 결과가 좋았던 것 같아요. 다른 누구도 아니고 ‘나’요. 그러다 보면 생각보다 더 많은 걸 해낼 수 있는 사람이라는 것도 알게 되고요. 누군가가 어떤 시작 앞에서 망설이고 있다면 이 얘길 전해드리고 싶어요.

GQ 로제처럼요?
RS 저보다 훨씬요. 스스로를 믿어보세요. 그럼 잘못될 일은 없을 거예요.


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