[UPDATE] ROSÉ x ELLE Korea Magazine Photoshoot June 2023 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 24, 2023

ROSÉ graces the new covers of ELLE Korea Magazine June 2023 Issue. In this visually stunning feature, ROSÉ continues to redefine the boundaries of style and individual expression. Her magnetic persona, coupled with her ability to effortlessly blend music and fashion, makes this issue of ELLE Korea a true celebration of her multifaceted charm.

MagazineELLE Korea Magazine June 2023 Issue
CreditsFashion Editor: Lee Ha-Yan (이하얀)
Features Editor: Jeon Hye-Jin (전혜진)
Photographer: Jang Deok-Hwa (장덕화)
Fashion Stylist: Park Min-Hee (박민희)
Hair Stylist: Lee Sun-Young (이선영)
Makeup Artist: Lee Myung-Sun (이명선)
Nail Artist: Park Eun-Kyung (박은경)
Set Stylist: Choi Seo-Yoon (Darack) (최서윤(다락))
Assistant: Kim Min-Sook (김민숙)
Art Design: Lee So-Jung (이소정)
SourceELLE Korea Magazine Official Website

Get ready to be enthralled as BLACKPINK’s enchantingly talented vocalist, ROSÉ, graces not one, but three different covers for the June 2023 issue of ELLE Korea. This special edition is the result of a unique collaboration with the renowned luxury brand, Tiffany & Co., of which ROSÉ is the esteemed global ambassador. Each cover showcases a different facet of ROSÉ’s dynamic persona, mirroring the multifaceted brilliance of Tiffany’s iconic jewelry designs.

In this highly anticipated feature, ROSÉ effortlessly balances her roles as a global music icon and a fashion influencer. The three distinct covers serve as a canvas for ROSÉ’s striking versatility, showcasing her ability to embody a range of characters, from effortlessly chic and subtly powerful to sensually alluring and rebelliously casual. Each image is a testament to her unique charm and the captivating aura she exudes, much like the exquisite sparkle of Tiffany & Co.’s luxury jewels.

As always, ROSÉ’s inimitable style shines through, proving once again why she’s one of the most influential figures in the global fashion and music industry. This special edition of ELLE Korea, adorned by ROSÉ’s irresistible charm and Tiffany & Co.’s stunning jewelry, is a celebration of style, luxury, and the power of individual expression. It’s a visual symphony that’s sure to captivate readers, offering a glimpse into the world of a woman who continues to redefine boundaries in music, fashion, and beyond.


1. ROSÉ Magazine Cover x ELLE Korea June 2023 Issue

On this striking first cover of ELLE Korea June 2023 issue, BLACKPINK ROSÉ effortlessly channels a character that’s both chic and subtly commanding. The persona she embodies is a perfect balance of confidence and playfulness, sophistication and edgy coolness.

Her pose, relaxed yet deliberate, whispers of casual confidence. A tousled high ponytail lends a touch of rebellious spirit, cleverly juxtaposing the sophisticated Tiffany & Co. jewelry she is adorned with. This contrast not only amplifies her bold and playful side but also underscores her status as the brand’s global ambassador.

The coy reveal of her blizzard tube dress from Jaden Cho’s SS23 Palms and Fingers Collection makes an understated, yet impactful, fashion statement. It suggests the character of a trendsetter, forward-thinking in her style choices, but also appreciative of minimalistic elegance.

All these elements come together to create a persona that’s authentic, confident, and unapologetically stylish. It’s a reflection of ROSÉ’s own multifaceted nature – an enthralling blend of elegance, strength, and a dash of rebellious charm. She presents herself as a woman comfortable in her own skin, unafraid to take risks, and effortlessly setting trends instead of following them.

In the second cover image, a monochrome portrait of ROSÉ emanates an irresistible allure. Here, she channels a character that blends effortlessness with an undercurrent of sophistication. Her relaxed posture, casually tousled hair, and intense gaze all contribute to an image of a woman who is entirely at ease, exuding a natural confidence that doesn’t need to try hard to make a statement.

Amidst this casual tableau, there is an undeniable appreciation for elegance and luxury. Dressed in the blizzard tube dress from Jaden Cho’s SS23 Palms and Fingers Collection, she stands nonchalantly, her hip subtly bent to the right. Her high ponytail, playfully tousled by her right hand, adds to the laid-back yet chic vibe.

Complementing this casual elegance, her left hand is adorned with two Tiffany & Co bracelets from the Lock collection, gracefully cradling her chin. Her fingers, partially concealing her mouth, add a touch of intrigue to her persona.

Her intense gaze, sharply directed to the left, amplifies the dramatic allure of the monochrome image, suggesting a character that’s both captivating and subtly powerful. Even in this seemingly relaxed stance, ROSÉ masterfully transforms an ordinary scene into a captivating portrait. The bracelets and rings adorning her left hand introduce a hint of understated luxury, creating a scene that’s as inviting as it is arresting.

In essence, this image perfectly encapsulates ROSÉ’s multifaceted nature – a seamless blend of casual confidence, understated elegance, and undeniable charm. Despite the laid-back mood, ROSÉ commands attention, reflecting her ability to seamlessly blend relaxed elegance with a distinct and irresistible allure.

In the third cover image, ROSÉ’s character portrayal strikes a balance between sensual allure and a cool, laid-back vibe. She dons a black corset and bustier, paired with relaxed, wide-leg black jeans. The unbuttoned jeans, partially concealed by her left hand adorned with two Tiffany & Co. bracelets, add a hint of daring and spontaneous charm. Her relaxed stance, with a subtle bend in her hip to the right side, further enhances the casual yet provocative aura she embodies.

ROSÉ’s right arm follows the contour of her body in a relaxed manner, with her hand casually resting on her upper right thigh. This posture complements the overall casual, free-spirited vibe she exudes. Her blonde hair, styled in a relaxed and messy manner, falls freely over her face and shoulders, with longer bangs partially obscuring her eyes. This hairdo contributes to the subtly edgy and free-spirited character she portrays.

In this image, ROSÉ seems to embody a character who embraces her sensuality and isn’t afraid to express it in her own unique, casual way. The laid-back, almost rebellious styling, combined with her relaxed posture and provocative outfit, suggests a woman who is confident, daring, and unapologetically herself. It’s an authentic portrayal of ROSÉ’s multifaceted nature – a woman who embodies a blend of sensual allure, casual confidence, and a hint of rebellious charm.

2. ROSÉ Emoji Interview Video for ELLE Korea June 2023 Issue


3. ROSÉ Interview for ELLE Korea June 2023 Issue


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