ROSÉ x Denizen New Zealand Magazine Autumn 2023 Issue


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 25, 2023 KST

BLACKPINK ROSÉ will grace new cover of Denizen Magazine, New Zealand’s most influential lifestyle magazine & website, for its autumn 2023 issue. They wrote caption on Instagram, “Our new issue is here! We get up close and personal with one of New Zealand’s most successful musical exports, Rosé from BLACKPINK.”

ROSÉ for Denizen Magazine new cover Autumn 2023 Issue

Denizen Magazine, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is a multimedia platform that celebrates the art of living well from a New Zealand perspective. Established in September 2010, the Denizen website quickly became a popular online hub for trendsetters seeking the latest updates. With daily posts featuring captivating content and stunning visuals, the platform keeps readers informed about the most noteworthy events and developments around them.

Denizen Magazine is released quarterly, in March, May, August, and November, offering its dedicated audience an in-depth exploration of diverse topics, including cuisine, wellness, travel, culture, art, design, fashion for both men and women, and etiquette guidance. Denizen is devoted to highlighting the positive aspects of New Zealand’s constantly evolving, forward-looking society.


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