ROSÉ and Her Sister, Alice, Celebrate Beloved Dog Hank’s Birthday with Adorable Photos


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 5, 2023 KST

On May 5, 2023, BLACKPINK ROSÉ took to Instagram to celebrate her beloved dog Hank’s birthday in the most adorable way. She shared a series of heartwarming photos on Hank’s dedicated Instagram account (@hank_says_hank) showcasing the cute pup’s special day. In her caption, ROSÉ wrote, “행피벌스데이 🥳🫧🫶🏼💕” which translates to “Happy Birthday.”

The charming photos show Hank wearing a bling bling blue birthday hat and a white transparent ribbon, sitting on a little chair with colorful “Happy Birthday” letters artistically attached to the chair back using deep green tape. A cute, bone-shaped dog cake with lit candles can be seen on the table beside him, alongside a pile of presents waiting to be unwrapped.

ROSÉ also shared Hank birthday post on her own Instagram story, adding the sweet message, “Hank-ppy Birthday My Love.”

Hank’s journey is truly a heartwarming tale that becomes even more inspiring when we consider ROSÉ’s choice to adopt him. Born on May 5, 2020, this special breed pup faced health problems and found himself in a dog shelter. Despite his challenges, Hank persevered and eventually overcame his health issues.

On December 2, 2020, ROSÉ, who has achieved tremendous success, chose to adopt Hank, making a compassionate decision to give a loving home to a dog in need. This act not only transformed Hank’s life but also sets an inspiring example for us as her fans and for others to follow.

Weighing in at a healthy 8.9 kg, Hank now boasts a very happy tail, wagging with joy in his new royal life. It’s incredibly touching to see how Hank’s world has been transformed under ROSÉ’s loving care, and we can’t help but be a little envious of his fairy tale-like transformation into a pampered prince. Her choice to adopt serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact we can make in the lives of animals in need.


Alice, ROSÉ’s sister, joined in on the celebration by posting several Instagram stories featuring adorable photos and videos of Hank. One of the posts shows Hank curled up in a ball, with the caption, “Our ball of love @hank_says_hank.” Alice also shared a video of playful Hank, writing, “Our Silly boy.” In another photo, she wrote, “Hankie we love you as much as you love socks. Happy Birthday.” Alice captured a photo of Hank looking a bit sad under the table, captioning it, “How long till I get to open my presents…?” Finally, she reposted Hank’s birthday post on her story, adding, “Forever our baby boy.”

This delightful celebration of Hank’s birthday not only showcases the sweet bond between ROSÉ, Alice, and their furry friend but also serves as a heartwarming reminder of the love and care that rescued animals can experience with the right family. Happy birthday Hank! We love you! 😍


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