ROSÉ Celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of Her Debut Album -R- with Super-Sweet Message and Behind-the-Scenes Photos


On March 12, 2023, just before stepping onto the stage for the second concert day of the BLACKPINK BORNPINK Tour in Jakarta, our beloved sweetheart ROSÉ took a moment to mark the 2nd anniversary of her enchanting debut album -R-.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere and cheers of excited fans echoing through the venue, our talented singer-songwriter ROSÉ shared a heartfelt message on social media, expressing her appreciation for the love and support she has received since releasing her first solo album.

Can you believe it’s been two whole years since ROSÉ graced our lives with her melodious tunes and mesmerizing performances from -R-? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! The memories of that time are as vivid as ever, making us feel like it was just yesterday that she stole our hearts.


1. ROSÉ Posted Super-Sweet Message on Instagram

To celebrate this special milestone, our talented singer-songwriter ROSÉ shared her gratitude and love for her fans. Her warm, bubbly message filled our hearts with joy, affection, and excitement. Let’s just say we’re feeling all the warm fuzzies right now!

In her super-sweet post, our beloved ROSÉ wrote:

“It’s been two years since the release of my first single album -R- ♡ thank you for all the love and support to all my fans. I love you all eternally.”

She also shared the Korean version of her message, which translates to:

“-R- has now been out for two years. I am very, very grateful to the fans who always support my music. I will work hard to create and deliver a lot of good music for you in the future!! I love you ♡.”

2. ROSÉ Shared Behind The Scenes Photos

To make this anniversary extra special, our dear ROSE shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the filming set of her music video, and they’re just as fun, charming, and adorable as you’d imagine! The captivating images give fans an exclusive look at the creative process and the hard work that went into producing the stunning visual masterpiece that accompanied her debut.


3. ROSÉ Posted Balloon Project from Fans at Jakarta Concert Venue.

But that’s not all! In addition to her super sweet anniversary message, ROSÉ also posted a photo of an adorable ROSÉ Balloon project taking place at the Jakarta concert venue. This lovely surprise was organized by @RoseChinabar & @ROSE_FirstCN. It featured a single, massive floating air balloon adorned with ROSÉ’s picture, soaring high above the concertgoers. The sight of the giant balloon added an extra layer of excitement, fun, and wonder to the already buzzing atmosphere.

Since the release of “- R -” ROSÉ has stolen our hearts and continued to captivate audiences with her unique voice, powerful performances, and exceptional songwriting abilities. This 2nd-anniversary celebration not only marks a significant milestone in her career but also serves as a testament to her unwavering passion for sharing her musical talents and creating beautiful music for her fans.

As we look forward to another year filled with ROSÉ’s delightful musical creations, we can’t help but gush over what a fantastic journey it’s been so far! From her enchanting melodies to her mesmerizing performances, ROSÉ has painted our lives with vibrant colors, making every moment an exciting adventure.

Thank you, ROSÉ, for filling our hearts with love and happiness and for being the soundtrack to our lives. Your boundless energy, captivating charm, and genuine warmth have brought so much joy to all of us, and we can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for us next!

No matter how long it takes, we’ll be right here, cheering you on with unstoppable enthusiasm and devotion. So, let’s raise our voices and celebrate the incredible journey we’ve experienced together, and look forward to even more fun, excitement, and heartwarming memories with our beloved ROSÉ!


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