ROSÉ at Sound Check for BLACKPINK BORN PINK Encore, Day 1 in Bangkok


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 27, 2023 KST

On May 27, 2023, BLACKPINK is gearing up to take the stage for Day 1 of their BORN PINK Tour Encore in Bangkok, Thailand. Amid the mounting anticipation, the group’s charismatic singer, ROSÉ, has grabbed the spotlight during the soundcheck, setting the tone for the much-awaited event with her striking appearance.

During the soundcheck, ROSÉ showcased her unique style. Appearing laid-back yet undeniably chic, she sported a casual but expressive ensemble, incorporating elements of her personal style into an outfit that resonated with her fans worldwide.

In a nod to the Star Wars franchise, ROSÉ wore a black Disney Adult t-shirt emblazoned with the iconic Yoda quote, “Judge Me By My Size, Do You?” This wardrobe choice reflects the singer’s playful and assertive personality, reminding fans and critics alike not to underestimate her based on appearances alone.

Complementing her statement t-shirt, ROSÉ donned a pair of CHUTE Trousers in Parachute Cool Grey from the edgy brand, Motel Rocks. The wide-leg cargo pants with their low rise design and tie-up detailing added a contemporary edge to her outfit, showing her ability to effortlessly mix and match different fashion elements.

Adding to her overall look, ROSÉ’s hair was styled in her signature half-up ponytail that highlighted her platinum blonde locks. Her choice was in sync with the relaxed yet fashion-forward vibe of her outfit.

On her feet, she chose comfortable white sneakers, a testament to her practicality and commitment to staying at ease during the high-energy performance. As a finishing touch, she accessorized with a pair of her favorite Saint Laurent SL M94 sunglasses, subtly elevating her look with the classic designer piece.

This outfit showcases ROSÉ’s unique style, blending casual and luxury elements effortlessly, demonstrating why she is regarded as a fashion icon within and beyond the K-Pop industry. As fans eagerly await the main event, there is no doubt that her style and performance will continue to leave lasting impressions.

Despite being just a soundcheck, ROSÉ delivered an energetic performance that was every bit as impressive as a main stage show. True to her artistic nature, she lit up the stage with her signature dynamism and passion.

Her beautiful voice resonated throughout the venue, captivating those lucky enough to witness this pre-show treat. Even in preparation mode, her commitment to entertaining was undeniable as she danced and had fun on stage, spreading her infectious energy to everyone present. The sight of the vibrant singer elicited cheers from fans around the stage, a testament to her undeniable stage presence and ability to connect with her audience. It was a spectacular preview that undoubtedly set the bar high for the main event.

Stay tuned for more updates on BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK Tour Encore in Bangkok.


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