Unstoppable Beauty Powerhouses: ROSÉ and Tilda Swinton team up for Sulwhasoo New Campaign


Global iconic luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo has announced the appointment of acclaimed actress Tilda Swinton as their new global ambassador, joining BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ in their lineup of ambassadors. The brand is set to showcase a campaign video featuring both ambassadors through their official channel, highlighting their commitment to promoting the brand’s innovative artist spirit and beauty heritage. Tilda Swinton, with her unique aura and reputation for experimental roles, was selected to represent Sulwhasoo and deliver their mission to the world, while BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ has been actively promoting the brand since September 2022. With their combined star power, Sulwhasoo is poised to accelerate its global market expansion and solidify its position as a luxury beauty brand worthy of the name.



Title: Sulwhasoo names Tilda Swinton as the new ambassador

Link: https://www.apgroup.com/int/en/news/2023-03-13

  • Tilda Swinton, with her unique and unrivaled aura, sets her first step as the brand’s storyteller; delivering the authentic heritage and the artistic spirit of the globally respected luxurious beauty brand, to women around the world.
  • From BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ to Tilda Swinton, Sulwhasoo completes its Global Ambassador Lineup.

Sulwhasoo, global iconic luxury beauty brand has announced the appointment of Tilda Swinton, the celebrated actress with an unrivaled aura, as their new global ambassador to declare the purpose of the brand.

An evolved version of the brand’s latest campaign, ‘#SulwhasooRebloom’, one that announced the birth and beginning of a newly reestablished brand identity, is scheduled to return this March. The campaign aims to proclaim Sulwhasoo’s role as a brand that brings ultimate beauty based on heritage and the spirit of the artist—elements that laid the foundation for the birth of Sulwhasoo as a brand that has accumulated various records and that has been reborn as a global iconic luxury beauty brand that is worthy of the name.

Since its inception in 1932, Sulwhasoo has built an unparalleled brand identity based on a unique beauty heritage that has built on its raw ingredients, efficacy, design, and texture, pronouncing its spirit of the innovative artist in every aspect of the product. The brand’s heritage and the artist spirit were central to creating ‘beauty’ through the realm of art, and such is evident in its global brand mission statement, ‘Building a world of beauty powered by art & heritage’.

To deliver this brand mission to the world, Tilda Swinton was selected to represent Sulwhasoo due to her unique features, distinctive aura, and her reputation for taking challenges in experimental roles that transcend all genres and domains. Having her roots in Scotland, Tilda Swinton especially values the heritage that transcended generations to create who she is today. With this, she deeply resonates with Sulwhasoo’s mission founded on art and heritage and looks forward to solidifying this as the brand’s storyteller.


Tilda Swinton, who has established herself with a genre-transcending filmography such as <WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN> and <MEMORIA> is quite a familiar figure that has shown special affection for Korean pop culture continuously, taking part in Korean films including <Snowpiercer> by director Bong Joon-ho. With Tilda Swinton getting on board following the K-Pop icon, BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ as the ambassador, Sulwhasoo is expected to accelerate its global market expansion from March 2023 onwards scaling its recognition and attractiveness beyond Korea, solidifying its position as a global beauty brand.

As Tilda reveals her fondness towards Sulwhasoo from her product experience as a user before she had started the ambassador activities, filmed the video at the House of Sulwhasoo Bukchon, as the space stands as the essence of the identity where all of Sulwhasoo’s heritage, artist spirit, and philosophy are concentrated and materialized. This film highlights Tilda’s charm where she unravels her emotions through hypnotic and mysterious cinematography. Last September, BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ transformed into the personified Sulwhasoo and fantastically performed in the first ‘brand universe’ video. Tilda’s video will unfold the second brand universe that will further expand in both depth and width.

“Eternal spirits, never-ending spirit and immortal spirits… but not such a beautiful thing as this. I’m really quite obsessed with Ginseng.” In <I AM GINSENG>, a video that depicts Sulwhasoo’s artistic spirit for ginseng, the root and core of the brand’s heritage, Tilda expresses her affection and curiosity for the ingredient with her deep and unique voice.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ, who started her activities as the global ambassador in September of 2022, also expressed Sulwhasoo’s spirit of the innovative artist with visuals and special films. The campaign videos starring BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and Tilda Swinton, who has recently joined Sulwhasoo, will be showcased through the official channel of Sulwhasoo(@sulwhasoo.official).


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