ROSÉ and JENNIE Spotted in NYC Ahead of Rumor Attending Met Gala 2023


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 29, 2023

BLACKPINK ROSÉ was spotted looking effortlessly chic and cozy at JFK airport on April 28, 2023 local time or April 29, 2023 KST, as she touched down in New York City alongside fellow member JENNIE. The K-pop star opted for casual comfort as they rumored to attend the much-anticipated Met Gala 2023, proving that even celebrities crave a laid-back ensemble during their travels.

Opting for a more discreet appearance, ROSÉ donned a black face mask, sunglasses, and a gray beanie. She further concealed her identity by wearing the hood of her hoodie, which completely covered her face. Despite her best efforts to blend in, her gorgeous blonde locks couldn’t help but shine through, offering a hint of her true identity to eagle-eyed fans.

ROSÉ casual attire featured a black hoodie emblazoned with bold blue letters that read “Coachella 2023,” a nod to the iconic music festival. As BLACKPINK recently headlined Coachella on April 15 and April 22, it’s clear that the festival holds a special place in ROSÉ’s heart. Coachella truly seems to be ROSÉ’s personal playground, as her style and energy perfectly complement the festival’s atmosphere.

ROSÉ paired the hoodie with baggy, straight-leg denim jeans, showcasing her penchant for comfort during long flights. The jeans boasted a unique 6-pocket design with snap button closures and fringe trim, adding a touch of playful style to her laid-back look.

JENNIE, too, embraced a casual look, sporting a cropped zip hoodie with light grey sweatpants. She wore sunglasses and the hood of her hoodie, further concealing her identity. However, she styled her hair outside of the hood, draping it elegantly over her right shoulder, adding a touch of flair to her relaxed outfit.


To complete her travel ensemble, ROSÉ accessorized with a practical black crossbody bag, perfect for storing her essentials while on the go. And, of course, she couldn’t resist wearing her favorite pair of sneakers: the Autry Sneakers High Top Medalists in White Green Leather. This signature choice was the ultimate giveaway to her fans, who instantly recognized the talented K-pop singer even with her face fully covered.

ROSÉ Spotted in NYC Ahead of Met Gala 2023
ROSÉ arriving at JFK Airport, NYC

Prior to their arrival in NYC, rumors had been swirling that ROSÉ and JENNIE would be attending the Met Gala 2023. While no official confirmation had been made, the duo’s timely appearance in the city just two days before the event has undoubtedly given fans a hope that they will indeed grace the prestigious red carpet. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and exclusive photos from the star-studded event!


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