ROSÉ Returns to Seoul in Signature Style After BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Bangkok


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 29, 2023 KST

Fresh off the high-energy performances at BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Bangkok, ROSÉ made a stylish return home. The K-pop superstar was sighted at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC) on the morning of May 29, 2023, effortlessly showcasing her distinctive fashion sense. Dressed in Hyein Seo’s trendy patchwork pants and a vibrant two-piece color-block sweatshirt, she further elevated the standards of airport fashion, perfectly blending casual comfort with chic style and embodying an approachable, athletic, and practical persona.

Our style maven, ROSÉ, made her appearance at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center, dazzling us all with her effortlessly chic airport ensemble. Sporting a striking two-piece color block sweatshirt in bold shades of blue and sapphire, she proved that comfort and style could coexist in harmony. The contrast of these vibrant hues against her black Hyein Seo patchwork pants and Autry sneakers added an extra dimension to her casual yet eye-catching outfit.

Keeping her signature blonde hair up in a simple yet elegant bun, ROSÉ managed to maintain her practicality without compromising her fashionable appeal. Even her safety essentials reflected her exquisite taste. She shielded her eyes from the bright morning sunlight with Saint Laurent’s SL M94 sunglasses and complemented the look with a matching black face mask.

Coming down to her pants, ROSÉ sported a pair of sleek black HYEIN SEO PATCHWORK PANTS. The pants, featuring a slim, straight leg cut with a practical zip fly, two zippered side pockets, and two buttoned rear pockets, embody ROSÉ’s knack for effortlessly blending fashion with functionality. The patchwork design of the pants added an edgy spin to her look, perfectly echoing her rocker-chic aesthetic.

Rounding off her look was a pair of black and white sneakers from Autry. These kicks lent a laid-back and comfy feel to her outfit while keeping it sporty and chic.

In one hand, ROSÉ held the chic Saint Laurent Mini Vanity Case, a high-end accessory that added a dash of luxury to her outfit. And on the other, she was seen pulling along a classic Rimowa cabin suitcase in a versatile silver color – a practical choice for the globetrotting superstar. Considering her frequent appearances with Rimowa products, we can’t help but wonder if there’s a brand ambassadorship in the near future. One thing’s for sure – we can always count on ROSÉ to masterfully mix high-end fashion with casual comfort, setting a new standard for airport style.


Ever the charmer, ROSÉ never fails to acknowledge her fans and the media who eagerly await her. Her humility shines through as she greets them with a graceful wave and a respectful bow. These gestures, both endearing and heartwarming, display her genuine appreciation for their continued support.

But the surprises don’t stop there. As she made her way to her car, she communicated her love for her fans through playful heart shapes made with her hands. Even after settling into her vehicle, she continued to share her affection, offering one last heart sign through the open door. Her consistent interaction and acknowledgment reflect a persona that’s not only fashion-conscious but also appreciative and engaging.

ROSÉ is not just about killer vocals and hypnotic dance moves; she’s also about a unique style that screams comfort, chic, and a dash of “I woke up like this.” She effortlessly marries casual comfort with high-end luxury, creating a style that’s uniquely “ROSÉ.” She paints a picture of relatable chic that says, “I’m fabulous, but just like you.”

From her wardrobe choices to her interaction with fans, she reflects a persona that’s as fashionable as it is warm and engaging. Her selections aren’t just about setting trends, but expressing her down-to-earth persona. Her style choices become a mirror, reflecting her accessibility and grounded nature. This makes her not only aspirational but also attainable, and we can’t help but leaf through the ‘ROSÉ stylebook’ for our own fashion inspirations.

But let’s not forget – ROSÉ isn’t all about fashion. She also knows how to keep her fans close. Always ready with a wave, a bow, or a heart-shaped hand gesture, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to showering love on her fans. It’s these small gestures that make us feel special and valued.

As we continue to bop to her music and gawk at her striking style, we’re reminded of the real persona behind the superstar facade – grounded, relatable, and incredibly endearing. Each sighting of her, be it on stage, at an event, or at an airport, gives us a peek into this fascinating world of ROSÉ.

So, as we eagerly anticipate her next destination and, of course, her next fashion ensemble, we leave you with this – buckle up and stay tuned for more ‘ROSÉ style’ moments. After all, it’s always a stylish ride with her. Safe travels, our queen!


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