Back at the Airport: ROSÉ Jets Off in Signature Comfort Style for Overseas Schedule


ROSÉ UPDATE – May 23, 2023 KST

1. ROSÉ Departed from Incheon Airport on May 23, 2023

ROSÉ never fails to amaze us! On this bright morning of May 23, 2023, she’s already back at the airport. Fresh off her glamorous appearance at the “76th Annual Cannes Film Festival 2023”, her electrifying performance at the BLACKPINK Born Pink Tour in Macau on May 20-21, 2023, and her stunning presence at the Saint Laurent pop-up opening in Seoul just yesterday, our beloved fashion icon was seen yet again at Incheon International Airport.

With unstoppable spirit, she’s already en route to her next overseas schedule. Her boundless energy is just as contagious as her captivating style!

Stepping out in a style that’s uniquely hers, ROSÉ sported a chic ensemble that masterfully blended comfort and style. She donned a sleek black leather jacket featuring sizeable front pockets, tastefully layered over a fashionable, button-up vest in black.

Shielding her eyes with Saint Laurent’s SL M94 sunglasses and wearing a light khaki face mask, ROSÉ ensured that her safety gear didn’t compromise her fashion-forward aesthetic.


As ROSÉ ventured deeper into the airport, she casually opened her jacket, revealing her elegant silhouette swathed in baggy jeans and a chic black vest. Her glowing, healthy-looking skin added a radiant contrast to her attire. The stylish cropped vest, gracing her waist perfectly, added a touch of finesse to her outfit.

Adding a touch of glam, her fingers were adorned with several Tiffany & Co. rings and bracelets. To top it all off, ROSÉ’s blonde hair was styled into a half-up ponytail, giving her a youthful and playful look.

Complementing her getup were her long, baggy jeans embodying casual comfort at its finest. This laid-back yet chic attire received a vibrant splash of color from ROSÉ’s striking RHUDE low sneakers, crafted in a bold combination of red and white leather.

A frequent flyer’s companion, her luggage of choice was the Classic Cabin suitcase by RIMOWA, in a versatile silver color. But what really stole the spotlight was the stunning Saint Laurent Rive Gauche beach bag she effortlessly carried. Valued at around $2,100, this bag isn’t just a simple tote; it’s a statement piece paying homage to Saint Laurent’s historic Rive Gauche line, which revolutionized fashion back in 1966 as the first successful ready-to-wear collection introduced by a French couturier.

The bag showcases Saint Laurent’s signature black and white logo-print design, emitting a timeless sophistication. Crafted from soft cotton-terry, with a jacquard-woven pattern, this bag exudes elegance. Its generous size ensures plenty of space for all your essentials, whether for a long day at the beach or a leisurely outing in the park. The beach bag’s ingenuity doesn’t stop at aesthetics – with removable handles and metallic loops, it unfolds into a luxurious towel, epitomizing practicality and style.

Our hearts fluttered as she navigated through the airport, ROSÉ acknowledged her fans and media, waving and making a heart-shaped gesture with her fingers. A symbol of energy and style, she has again given her fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide a look to admire and emulate.


2. ROSÉ Airport Photo Collection on May 23, 2023

3. ROSÉ Airport Video Collection on May 23, 2023


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