ROSÉ Chic Airport Fashion on Her Way to NYC for Sulwhasoo x The Met Event


ROSÉ UPDATE – March 28, 2023 KST

On the morning of March 28, 2023, KST, the ever-stylish and effortlessly chic BLACKPINK ROSÉ was spotted at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. She was embarking on her journey to New York City, where she is set to co-host the highly anticipated Sulwhasoo x The Met Partnership Launch Event on March 29, 2023, local time.

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The moment ROSÉ appeared, fans were captivated by her unique and on-trend airport fashion. She looked super cool! She donned a luxurious distressed vintage-inspired long leather coat, which not only exuded a sense of edgy sophistication but also perfectly juxtaposed her delicate features. She looked effortlessly stylish and elegant.


Beneath the statement coat, ROSÉ wore a light blue shirt styled in an eye-catching half-tuck. She expertly combined elements of polish and nonchalance by neatly tucking in one side of her shirt while leaving the other casually untucked. This unique and easygoing look added an air of laid-back cool while maintaining an aura of relaxed elegance that we couldn’t help but love.

ROSÉ paired the striking top with sleek black pants, striking a balance between classic and contemporary styles. The monochromatic palette allowed her leather coat and half-tuck shirt to take center stage. To complete the outfit, she chose a pair of crisp white sneakers, injecting a touch of sporty chic into her already enviable ensemble.

As ROSÉ made her way into the airport, she beautifully smiled and waved her hands to the fans and media waiting for her, further endearing her to her admirers. Her genuine warmth and friendliness only added to her magnetic charm.

As for her hairstyle, ROSÉ opted for a playful half-up ponytail, with cascading blonde locks effortlessly framing her face. Half of her long tresses draped gracefully over her front shoulder, while the other half cascaded down her back, adding an air of whimsy to her overall look. Her makeup was kept natural and understated, allowing her innate beauty to shine through.

ROSÉ’s airport fashion is a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend edgy and feminine elements. Her distressed leather coat, half-tuck shirt styling, and carefully curated accessories showcase her prowess as a trendsetter and fashion icon in the entertainment industry.


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