JISOO Reveals ROSÉ Significant Helps in “ME” Preparation, from Album Title Selection to Flower Logo Design


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 1, 2023 KST

As Jisoo embarks on her solo journey, one person who has been consistently by her side is her fellow BLACKPINK member and best friend, ROSÉ. The two talented artists have shown the world that their bond transcends the stage, as ROSÉ has been incredibly supportive throughout Jisoo’s solo preparation.

1. JISOO revealed ROSÉ helped her choose the title ME

During a Countdown Live event on March 31, 2023 KST, Jisoo expressed her gratitude towards ROSÉ for her invaluable help in preparing her solo album. As she showcased her Album Title Poster, Jisoo revealed that it was ROSÉ who helped her choose the title “ME”, representing her diverse charms. With ROSÉ’s reassurance, Jisoo felt confident in the name.

Jisoo was showing her Album Title Poster and said, “then the second one, Album Title Poster. The title “ME” first comes out. It is because it captures my diverse charms, that is why it is “ME”. I thought about the album name and ROSÉ chose with me. I was wondering and she said it was great. So I went with it. So I was sure about the name.”


2. JISOO and ROSÉ create the Flower Logo together

Moreover, the flower logo featured in Jisoo’s solo album was a collaborative effort between the two stars. Jisoo mentioned that the fans appreciated the floral design, and confirmed that it was intended. She went on to praise ROSÉ’s contribution, highlighting how her experience as a solo artist had greatly benefited Jisoo’s preparations. Together, Jisoo and ROSÉ created a logo they both felt proud of.

When talking about flower logo on her solo album, Jisoo revealed that Jisoo and ROSÉ made the logo together. Jisoo said, “BLINK said the logo seems like a flower, amazing. Yes, I intended that. ROSÉ helped me with this too. She chose the angle with me. She had done a solo promotion before so she helped me a lot. We made the logo together. We were proud. Thank you.”


3. JISOO revealed ROSÉ came to her music video filming in LA

In a recent interview with Newsen on March 30, 2023 KST, Jisoo opened up about the support she received from her BLACKPINK members, particularly ROSÉ. Despite their busy schedules, the members kept a close eye on Jisoo’s progress and offered their opinions. ROSÉ’s presence at the music video shoot in LA was a pleasant surprise, and seeing her brought a wave of renewed energy for Jisoo.

Q. 블랙핑크 멤버들이 어떤 응원을 해줬나.

Jisoo: 바쁜 와중에도 항상 곁에서 준비 과정을 지켜봐 주고 여러 가지 의견도 내줬다. 멤버들의 긍정적인 반응을 보며 큰 용기와 확신을 얻었다. 마침 LA에 있던 로제는 뮤직비디오 촬영장에도 와줬다. 예상 못 한 상황에서 멤버를 만나니 더 반가웠다. 늘 멤버들과 함께하다가 혼자 하면서 조금 외롭기도 했는데, 로제를 보자마자 에너지가 100% 충전되는 듯했다.(웃음)

Source: Newsen Interview, March 30, 2023 KST

Q. What kind of support did the BLACKPINK members provide?

Jisoo: Despite being busy, they always kept an eye on my preparation process and shared various opinions. I gained great courage and confidence from the positive reactions of the members. Rosé, who happened to be in LA, even came to the music video shoot. It was a pleasant surprise to meet a member in an unexpected situation. I’ve always been with the members, so it was a bit lonely doing this alone, but as soon as I saw Rosé, it felt like my energy was 100% recharged (laughs).

4. JISOO Shares Insight into ROSÉ Supportive Nature During Fan Sign Event

During a fan signing event for Jisoo solo debut ‘ME’ on April 1, 2023 KST, several BLINKs asked questions, leading to Jisoo revealing some interesting tidbits about her solo work and her relationship with fellow BLACKPINK member, Rosé.

A. ROSÉ Helps in Making Choice

Jisoo mentioned that making choices for her solo project was quite challenging. Fortunately, Rosé was by her side, offering assistance with the decision-making process. Jisoo recalled Rosé’s enthusiasm, saying, “Unnie, give it to me,” and then making choices on Jisoo’s behalf.

English Translation from the original text: “While Jisoo was preparing for her solo, she found making choices to be the most difficult part. However, Rosé provided considerable help by her side. Rosé said, “Unnie, let me try,” and it seemed like she made about half of the decisions, all while looking excited.”

B. ROSÉ Surprise Attempt to Welcome Jisoo at the LA Airport

Jisoo shared a story about traveling to the United States to film her music video. Rosé planned a surprise for her at the airport, hoping to catch Jisoo off-guard. However, Jisoo noticed Rosé’s shoes and recognized her immediately, rendering the surprise ineffective. Rosé did capture the moment on video, but it was ultimately unusable since Jisoo wasn’t surprised.

English translation from the original text, “ㅋㅋㅋ When Jisoo went to the United States for filming, Rosé was so excited that she decided to surprise Jisoo by meeting her at the airport. ㅋㅋㅋ So, while exclaiming “Unnie! You were surprised, right?”, Rosé even recorded a video. However, Jisoo saw Rosé’s shoes first and recognized her, so she didn’t get surprised at all. The video turned out to be unusable because of that. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”


C. ROSÉ Surprise Attempt at Jisoo MV Filming in LA

Rosé also attempted to surprise Jisoo during her music video shoot by showing up unexpectedly and exclaiming, “Unnie! Surprise!” Unfortunately, this plan was foiled as well, as the staff had overheard Rosé’s intentions and informed Jisoo of the upcoming surprise.

English translation from the original text: “Rosé also planned to surprise Jisoo at the music video filming location… She intended to secretly visit and exclaim, “Unnie! Surprise!” However, the staff overheard her plan, and suddenly told Jisoo during the shoot, “We heard that Rosé is coming today.” So, the surprise was spoiled once again. ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ Ahㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

D. Among BLACKPINK Members, ROSÉ Can Handle Alcohol Best

Jisoo also spoke about the members’ alcohol tolerance, revealing that none of the four members can handle alcohol very well. However, she admitted that Rosé is probably the best among them when it comes to drinking. According to Jisoo, Rosé tends to be in a cheerful mood when she’s had a few drinks.

English Translation: “Although none of the four members can drink well, according to Jisoo, among them, Chaeyoung (Rosé) is relatively better at handling alcohol. When Chaeyoung gets drunk, she becomes the type who gets in a good mood.”

5. ROSÉ Shows Support by Swiftly Sharing JISOO Teasers

To further demonstrate ROSÉ’s unwavering support, she made sure to share Jisoo’s promotional teasers on her Instagram Story as soon as they were released. Through her posts, ROSÉ expressed her excitement and anticipation for her best friend’s solo debut.

This heartwarming display of camaraderie between Jisoo and ROSÉ is a testament to their strong bond as best friends and bandmates. As Jisoo embarks on her solo career, it’s clear that she has the full support and love of ROSÉ, making this journey all the more special.


6. ROSÉ Posts Photo from Her Visit to Jisoo MV Filming Set


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