BLACKPINK at Coachella 2023, PINKCHELLA Instagram Photos Collection


ROSÉ UPDATE – April 29, 2023

BLACKPINK stole the show as they headlined Coachella 2023 on Week 1 Day 2 (April 15, 2023) and Week 2 Day 2 (April 22, 2023). Their electrifying performances dazzled the audience, and we just can’t get enough of their unforgettable moments on stage!

To celebrate this incredible milestone for our favorite girls, we’ve compiled a collection of stunning BLACKPINK group photos from their Coachella appearances. These captivating images showcase BLACKPINK undeniable charm and charisma, capturing the essence of their time at the iconic festival.

From BLACKPINK official social media accounts to the members personal Instagram updates, we’ve got it all covered for you, BLINKs! Dive into this visual treat and relive the magic of BLACKPINK’s Coachella performances through these beautiful snapshots.

Witness the girls’ enchanting smiles, their chic festival outfits, and the unparalleled chemistry they share on and off stage. With each photo, you’ll be reminded of why BLACKPINK reigns supreme in the world of K-pop.

So, sit back, relax, and join us on this delightful journey as we admire the dazzling moments of BLACKPINK at Coachella 2023. It’s a celebration of their talent, style, and the unbreakable bond between the members and their devoted fans. Together, let’s cherish these memories and continue to support BLACKPINK in their incredible journey ahead!

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BLACKPINK at Coachella 2023, PINKCHELLA Instagram Photos Collection

1. BLACKPINK Coachella 2023 Photos from BLACKPINK Official Accounts

2. BLACKPINK Coachella 2023 Group Photos from JISOO Instagram

JISOO: “And just like that, @Coachella marks another unforgettable chapter in my life 🌴☀️ I don’t think I could ever forget this moment!
A huge thank you to all those who helped make the past two weeks happen & the crowd who cheered so loudly for our set! & a special thanks to our Blinks🌟Love you!
& to the ones I love most, my members, a big round of applause! We did it! 🖤💖 @BLACKPINKOFFICIAL


3. BLACKPINK Coachella 2023 Group Photos from JENNIE Instagram

JENNIE: “BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA 🌵Thank you to each and every one of our amazing blackpink crew who made this possible ! We love you 🧚‍♂️”

4. BLACKPINK Coachella 2023 Group Photos from ROSÉ Instagram



What a journey it has been for us. To think of all the days and nights we worked hard to get to where we are today – we only have one thing to say to yall…. PINKCHELLA IN YOUR AREAAAA 💞 and that we’re overwhelmingly grateful for our staff, band, dancers and of course BLINKSSSSS we love you”

5. BLACKPINK Coachella 2023 Group Photos from LISA Instagram

LISA: “Thank you to all of my amazing people for making this 2023 Coachella so memorable and special☺️ Love you all 🫶🏻”



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